Essendon Women’s VFL Team launch + first training session - have you Hird about Long?


Love the thread title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


maybe thats the reason we didnt get an afl license.


With these two playing it definitely peaks my interst to actually go and watch.

Hopefully the club organises double headers of the mens and womens VFL team. Would make a great/afternoon evening.



Should’ve just done a tokenistic bid like the wankstain clubs that currently have licenses.


Doubt it.


Thanks Houli Dooli and many more thanks to Steph and Michaela. Both women have made real sacrifices for EFC- MIchaela sticking with us despite no licence, Steph goes without saying. Silky threads in the fabric coming together again. Generations of loyalty in the stands and on the ground. Getting better all the time…


That is so awesome!


Is Stephanie the first person to transfer from the General Manager role into playing?



So happy to see Hird and Long playing in the red and black. Michaela was never going anywhere else … and Steph, wow what a fantastic surprise - really hope I get to see them play when I am down in Melb next year… Added bonus James will hopefully be there too.


Comment from before the infamous General Manager match of 2013…


Michaela is a lefty?


Steph 4th generation Essendon and great granddaughter of 1942 premiership player


Fantastic. Make sure she tells her three brothers what a great time she’s having and how great EFC is…


The admin side of things skipped a generation though… so far.


So was/is her dad


I couldn’t remember.


I’ve got to say I couldn’t rustle up much interest in the aflw comp…until now.
I would love the opportunity to support Steph and Michaela (and the rest of the team). Let’s hope the fixture makes it possible. I don’t even know what comp the team is playing in.
I would so love our supporters to turn out in force to support the girls, and dwarf the crowds at the aflw games.


Might be a bit different from the netball crowds. The Dads might go to the games as well as the Mums.