Essendon Women’s VFL Team launch + first training session - have you Hird about Long?


This bit jars with me:

“He was welcomed back into the AFL fold following the Bombers’ supplement scandal when he presented the Norm Smith Medal to Dustin Martin after this year’s Grand Final.”

He was denied natural justice by the AFL, lied about in the media by the AFL, leaked against by the AFL etc.

And the Essendon Football Club Board throughout allowed it happen. The current Board has done nothing to redress this wrong




saga thread thanks.


Will the daughters of past players also be enrolled in the James Hird Academy?

Imagine the potential for match-ups with super gifted off-spring.


Lolz you mean a breeding program?


I would have to check, but from memory the idea is that the Next Gen Academy kids will feed into the James Hird Academy, no matter the gender.


I feel extremely grateful that in spite of all that has been thrown at her father Stephanie has still decided to wear the red and black. Class act the Hird family.


Is there still an age limit on girls playing in mixed teams? The Olympics are bringing in more mixed gender team events, like it is with the equestrian team events. I realise that different physiques could be an issue in tackling.


ummm, * cough * yep, that was the idea.

and I do like the plan that Katie outlined. It makes sense given the integration of women into football.


A very long time ago, weren’t the thirds, seconds and first all played one after the other?


Presumably the father-son/father-daughter rule will eventually need to be expanded to mother-son/mother-daughter.

Which will of course disadvantage those clubs who didn’t get in on the ground floor of the AFLW.

Yes, I’m cranky about EFC being disadvantaged by inequality in the draft system a full generation in advance. Remember kids - grumble early and grumble often!


[quote=“Humble_Minion, post:72, topic:11862, full:true”]
Presumably the father-son/father-daughter rule will eventually need to be expanded to mother-son/mother-daughter.

The parent/offspring rule?


You’re certainly a good grumbler these days HM :grinning:


Yes they did, from memory games started at 9:30


You remember how Wanganeen went to Port Adelaide because that is where it all started.

That’s how much we should value our womens VFL team.


I am directly quoting from an article posted on this thread. So, I reckon I am perfectly entitled to post here. Trying to censor someone is not a good look.


Keep the vflw thread to outrage about how the club didn’t even tokenistically do a ■■■■■ bid so we could be playing aflw now. the saga thread is a perfect platform for what the game/club did or didn’t do to hird himself.


Yup. Used to get there to watch the Ressies at least, if not the U19’s, …always get a good seat so early too.


Runs out from centre half forward, marks, wheels left and kicks. Amazingly no one predicts she will turn left.


Waiting for the sperm donor, son/daughter rule to come in as well.