Some of the worst ad’s/jingles in history have been the most successful.

That’s certainly bad enough to work.

I thought it was excellent. Your description of a fat b*stard in hi-vis, milk drink in one hand, deep fried breakfast in the other whilst attempting to simultaneously drive and answer a phone call was very good.

The best part of all of this is that there is actually an Essington school.

I had to watch this again in order to show bltn Jnr.
That’s 2 and a half minutes I’ll never get back.

Thanks a lot, Rolo !

My learned sources tell me, that it’s a parody of this popular YouTube video…

I can’t unsee that. Woeful

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115 million views…FMD :scream_cat:

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Still better than a flash mob.


Lol… like I said

So bad, it works.

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He’s been on Sesame Street singing with Elmo

Also his own anime.

He become a fair meme in Asia.

Was on an open outer suburban road in a suburb called Ravenhall a few years ago working as a Surveyor in a previous career. This old bomb of a work vehicle with cement mixer in the tray was flying towards us by the roadside. His horn was honking intermittently for a couple hundred metres, he eventually flys past us using his mobile on shoulder, we noticed he was transcribing details on a piece of paper on a flat surface which obviously was on the horn. Probably the inspiration for description.

Kinda vindicates those fines given for using a phone whilst driving.

Wait what? The essington school is real. I just googled essington and used the first image

It’s a real place.

My wife taught there for 10 years & my youngest daughter spent all her primary school years there.