European football 2016/17

Both teams representing EPL this season have started very very well.

Leicester despite their ordinary league form were kissed on the ■■■■ with the draw and should romp home in their group, Spurs will probably finish runner up, the next 2 games against Leverkusen will decide who finishes behind Monaco.
City should easily make it out of their group as should Arsenal so a real chance all 4 are in the next round

Celtic hold City 3-3 at home. First time City haven’t won for the season.

Celtic hold City 3-3 at home. First time City haven't won for the season.

Against Brendan Rogers. Sterling with a goal and an OG lol

Got the 3 points, wasn’t pretty through. Would won’t a better showing in front of goal in the next two matches.

Happy with the point this morning.
Hugo was outstanding.

Lucky Real’s defense showed up in the 2nd half. Handy 5-1 win.

Lol at Man City - still putting up the same inconsistent tripe.

2 pens in 2 minutes, United 2-0 up

Pogba cracker to make it 3-0 at the break

Lingaard scores now. 4-0.

Where was this last week? (Though opponent was tougher last week)

Decent outing by Man City. Beat Barca 3-1 at home. And Ozil had himself a game for Arsenal helping them overcome a 0-2 deficit.

Ozil’s goal this morning was a thing of beauty. He got a great through ball from Elneny and had the pace to get 10 metres ahead of everyone else. This gave him the time to slow, then beat the goalkeeper with a perfectly-timed and perfectly-executed chip over his head. He then completely wrongfooted two pursuing defenders with a gorgeous tap of the ball with the outside of his foot, and left all three of them on the ground and struggling to get up as he ran clear and pushed the ball firmly into the back of the net.

Absolutely putrid again. This team has so much wrong with it ATM

Not sure why Jose isn’t rotating the squad.

Lucky feyanood drew.

this is 100% on the players. Either they stand up and be counted or can F off

More World Cup, or CONCACAF, but I saw US played Mexico in the last couple of days.

Good opportunity for the US to build a wall against a Mexico free kick. I would have got a laugh.

Well that is that.
Pretty disappointed.


Leicester continue on. Conceded their first goal on the CL yesterday.

Man city through as well.

Spurs finish with a 3-1 win and head into the EL draw.
Not a great year for Arsenal and Leicester to top their groups with both Real and Bayern finishing runners up in their groups.