Ex-AFLW #17 - Federica Frew


Not Frederica or Federice or anything else.

Queen Fede is acceptable.

Leading the VFLW goal-kicking this year, by a long way.

Ex-soccer, but think of her as a Jake Stringer equivalent (except less prone to injury).

Soooooo happy, wasn’t clear if she had nominated for a previous draft (if she hadn’t, she would have had to go into this year’s draft).

Likes kicking six goals vs Fark Carlton.

What’s not to like?!?


On a scale of 9 to 10, how likely are we to win the AFLW flag next season?

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Was so hoping to hear this signing… bit of forward x factor. Great player


She is going to scare the hell out of the opposition backs all season - as she is already.

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Goal #3 is my favourite.

How the hell do you kick a ball 90 degrees from your boot so bloody fast?!? Never seen a kick like that; if you go frame-by frame you can see she is throwing her leg out sideways, to the goals.


She’s very accurate, can kick fifty, and insanely creative. Has scored or set up quite a few goals using her feet soccer-style.

Not selfish. Could get better with improved fitness

She’s only spent a small amount of time midfield this year, and goes more than decently at the stoppages.


Article/interview by @acat493

Our season last year fell off a cliff when Frew got injured. We could hold the opposition to low scores, but our scoring collapsed.

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This was the signing I was looking forward to the most. Hell yes!

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Nek minute: kicks 0.4 in a draw.

(one was a bomb from 50, and two others would have been Goal of the Year contenders)

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NatMac remembers Fede documenting getting called that some months earlier :rofl:


Even getting coffee is dangerous.

Relevant history lesson. Thank you very much, Katherine!

Almost game for Frew, she’s going to rip a game or two apart this season though.


by Alyce Collett

THOSE at Marvel Stadium on Saturday night were witness to some AFLW history, as Essendon and Hawthorn faced off in both clubs’ inaugural clash.

Someone who was in the thick of the action was Federica Frew, who was part of the victorious Essendon side who ran away with the match in the last quarter to take care of the Hawks.

She described the experience of running out onto Marvel for her debut as “pretty crazy, like running out the crowd was so loud, just to see everyone that’s come out to support the team it’s just amazing, I’ll never forget it. It’s just one of the best nights of my life.”

Despite what many may have predicted, what Hawthorn showed on Saturday night was not a total surprise to their opponents according to Frew.

“They’re such a contested side, and like they’ve got some unreal players that they’ve also recruited to come across, and we expected them to be right with us. There was talk about the line in the sand game before, and they brought it right to us so credit to them, it was a really tough game and can’t wait for the rest of the year.”

Frew’s path to the AFLW was certainly not common, as she was one of the club’s pre-signings after a stellar VFLW campaign.

“It’s been a pretty whirlwind couple of years. I played over in America college soccer, then I came back, joined the VFL team, spent you know three or four years with them then this year we had an unreal year and won the premiership, and then midway through the year just got signed and it’s just been like a dream come true.”

Coming straight from the VFLW into the AFLW has allowed Frew to work on different areas of her game.

“Well it’s been good because it has allowed me to since I really worked on my goal kicking and like my forward craft in the VFL, since I’ve come to the AFL, training with the girls just like picking up the bits of my game that I really need to work on, like defensive pressure, staying involved in the game and I’m just trying to kick goals and take my opportunities. Missed a couple today, but just trying to be creative and do what I can for the team to get the win at the end of the day.”