Expectations for Brad Scott in 2023

Now that we have hired our coach, I am interested to hear what people’s KPIs are for Scott next year. What would make a successful 2023 season for Scott?

For you, is Brad’s success dependent on us making finals or moving up the ladder? Or is his success more around fixing the culture and game plan?

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Top 4 or gtfo.




Start of the Dynasty.

Fired by 1/4 time of the first pre-season match

Expectations for 2023 with Scott

  • Make finals
  • Win a final
  • Just improve culture and standards

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Where is the premiership option plus all of the above.

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Hard at the contest, not too big of a gap between our best and worst, but most importantly an identifiable team defence.


Take it to the lid off thread

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Hard to play against. Like Essendon of the late 90’s early 00’s. No matter where we are on the ladder you fear having to play Essendon…because even if you win, it’ll hurt you to get it done.


Learning to tackle well.
Improved kick out strategy
Hard running both ways


He’s going to need at least 2 years. Bottom 4 next year, bottom 6 if we’re lucky. Still one common denominator holding our ■■■■ list back.


I hope we play as many kids as possible.

I want to try and get Perkins, Cox, Reid, Hobbs, etc 22 games, next year.

Finish dead last for all I care. It would be better for us.


Consistently playing 4 quarters should be the minimum


In year 1 I don’t expect finals. If we do then great, but I don’t expect it.

He will need some time to get a full understanding for the group and to embed certain strategies and standards. Some players probably won’t embrace the change either and that’s good cos then we know who aren’t up for the work.

Unlike say a Collingwood/McRae situation too we are still a very young group with a dearth of senior leaders or very good senior players.

I’d expect that the following year we do make finals though and that we get things done next off season in terms of trade and free agency to improve our playing list into a finals winning team.


i dont care where we finish, but i wanna see an essendon football club that arent a pack of one way running softc#cks. if i see them improve in that regard, ill be happy.


I don’t expect it…but I think they’re capable of playing finals.

Flag number 2 in the fourpeat

Dare I say it but some blue collar football. I want to see players earn their spots, chase, tackle and don’t give up. I would love to see a good spray from the coach as well .

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Clear evidence of the 22 selected to play every week, competing hard for 4 quarters. An identifiable game plan becoming visible as the season progresses. Players selected on their merit.

That’s about it for me.