Experts pick a total of 0 bombers in state of origin teams.

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this means lots of our players will be picked.


I’d have Tippa and Hooker, assuming either is fit, but I can see arguments against.

I was hoping for a philosophical discussion on the value of experts in our society.

But nup… turns out it’s just the very first word of the OP.


The AA squad has 40 players.

We had zero players in it last year. Saad was stiff.



I so thought this was going to be an anti intellectual rant about globalists and progressive elites ruining the world.

I’d be happy if none of our players get picked.

We are soooooooo getting fined for not providing three players.

(27 per team, 9 on the bench. Will they crack down on interchanges?)

I would be surprised if at least one Bomber is not picked.

Wouldn’t want to alienate one of the biggest supporter bases in the country from a fund raiser.

I don’t think “experts” in the sense of the football media has quite the same meaning as it usually does in other fields.

Perhaps the areas of astrology, homeopathy, celebrity news, and “Royal watching” might share the same definition of “expert”, but expert is not the same as opinionated.


It’ll be all worth it if a bald headed Heppell shines through the middle.

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I’d be shocked if Hep doesn’t play.

He wouldn’t ■■■■■■ well want to play.

Our players can’t get injured playing state of origin if they are already in the modified group.


Oh, hi Dyson

I reckon these fires have touched a nerve with him, and he’ll do whatever he can. Not too far from home, for him

Why not? He’ll be in full training well before then

Because he spent the vast majority of last year injured.

He hasn’t completed a full training session yet this preseason.

It’s a charity match.

DH : Can I play?
Coach : No you cannot.

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Probably fair enough. The players picked are of a high quality.

Have they put the 3 player per club rule?