F1 2024 Danny Ric is in an advertisement that kind of resembles Toro Rosso

Pumped for the weekend. It’s actually super interesting that we will get this really short season and pretty much start it knowing so many drivers are changing teams at its conclusion. Plus with the rule changes for 2021 it’s just another layer of drama.

Bring it on


I just hope it’s chaotic like all other sport and we don’t just get three months of GET IN LEWIS

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it is gonna be that

This year, yes, next year maybe not. Apparently the racing point cars are doing compatible lap times with the mercs. Should be interesting.

I don’t like this thing you constantly do where you tell me the god honest truth

mercedes are gonna be like ‘oops i forgot i had another cylinder’

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I wonder how Hamilton will go without crowds - He doesn’t get the job done at the British GP then he won’t win the driver’s title - So we have eight European races and 2 in the Middle East at this stage - FIA willwant to get the championship up to 15 races - The Americas will be out of action as is Singapore, melbourne and Japan - Suspect there is a chance that China and Vietnam may happen - Think they’ll end up with more races in Europe.

Next year will be the same as new rules get pushed back a year.

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Practice has been interesting, the RP cars are quick

About to watch qualifying - Will laugh if Racing Point is quicker than Ferrari - Ferrari lost their edge in 2019 after they were found to have breached technical regulations.

Let’s go Danny!!!

How many of these faces do you have an irrational desire to punch?

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Vettel eliminated in Q2

Post 9 sums it up - In 2019 after LeClerc got his seventh pole for Ferrari, FIA investigated and found guilty of breaching technical regulations they performance significantly diminished - It will be a long season for Ferrari - Think Vettel can overcome the two Mercedes to win tomorrow’s race - Ricciardo will be happy with the performance of the Mclaren looking forward to 2021.


Tough for Dan Ric there with the yellow flag impeding his final qualifying run when Bottas went off.

The same yellow flag that Lewis didn’t lift for…

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I would say the majority

Why do they all look like the French guy in the movie who says,
“Ohhhh, ah see you are using the incorrect fork.”
And then later gets punched in the face and everyone cheers.

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They are all either legends (Dan, Kimi etc) or just kids trying to look like grown up these days. Seriously, Norris, LeClerc, Ocon, Russell, Gasly and Albon are all between 18-21.

The only two I’d punch would be Vettel and Verstappen, doesn’t have anything to do with their respective heads :joy:

I must say I am excited to watch an actual race tonight