Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!

sure we’re talking two different things here. I was talking about personal health per meal, not envroinmental concerns .

Nope it is mostly about good health for people who need it. So it is not at all unhealthy.

Facts seem to me that for the first time in my memory, that third world people are not the guinea pigs in developing new products. That is down to us fatter people.

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Aren’t a lot of them full of salt to make them tastier? i.e.vaguely edible.

All I know is that the research going on around Australia and certainly the rest of the World is huge.

Our Company has benefited in the past two years with nearly $2 Million sales to Uni Adelaide, UQ, RMIT and QUT, and we lost other orders for similar equipment at others Unis. Also smaller startups have also developed and are manufacturing better products.

UQ is turning native grasses in a meat substitute and while I have not eaten it, my staff have and reckon it is acceptable.

I reckon in the next little while none of us will notice the difference


I try to go 1 day meat free a week, and have a vegan SIL so I’ve looked at 15-20 meat free substitutes stocked at Colesworth, even cooked some. I always check the nutritional breakdown of stuff.

They all have moderate to significant sodium content, and none I’ve found I would consider close to ‘healthy’. Especially in comparison to your lean cuts of meat and poultry. I stick to seafood for my non meat day of the week.

If there is a ‘healthy’ plant based meat I’m not aware of, I’m all ears.

Food can be made to be healthy or it can be saturated with fats, sugar and salt and contribute to numerous diseases.
Nothing from the supermarket is very fresh and all pre-cooked pre-packaged foods are of dubious quality. The food needs to be designed to last for weeks which compromises its nutritional value.
But you can certainly combine many of the ingredients in what is marketed as ‘plant meat’ and make something which tastes good and is healthy. I don’t see the need to try to turn it into some type of fake meat, rather just make something that tastes great.

If you just want something to slip into a burger, the gluten recipe above is good, so is a fried field mushroom, fried eggplant, or a nut burger made by blending nuts, onions & cheese stuck together with breadcrumbs or oats and flavoured with herbs. These will be fresher and healthier than pre-manufactured products.

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Yep, that’s why I buy most/all of my protein from markets and butchers. Cheaper too. Only time I’ll buy processed/pre cooked meat is very rarely I’ll get a moderate sodium sujuk or salt reduced ham for when I’m making a protein pizza.

Speaking strictly for myself, it’s about convenience.

I dislike mushroom and eggplant, thank you for the suggestions though.