Fan Behaviour at AFL games

Hey guys what do think of the crack down on fan behaviour at AFL games.

Media are saying AFL is really cracking down on people swearing and yelling at umpires etc.

There taking the fun out of AFL in my opinion. I swear all the time - often when venting my frustration at stupid free kicks.

The AFL is really getting over the top with this PC ■■■■.


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The AFL exec needs to be terminated/replaced immediately. The game is becoming more and more farcical by the week.


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AFL are targetting umpire abuse but there are still brawls between patrons. Shows how skewed their priorities are.


we saw way more security than usual at the game this week.

The issue is that the rules of the game are ambiguous. As such there is much for fans to argue about, and little for them to agree on.

Except that the umpires are ■■■■.

AFL solution, try to control the way the fans behave.

This AFL administration jumped the shark a looong time ago.


Joffa is a lot smarter than he looks


The AFL has lost sight of what it is. It is the governing body of a sporting competition, however they have become this politically correct, holier than thou moral arbiter for every issue in society, to the point now where they are now sending out plain clothed spies to sit on the crowd to listen to what fans have to say. I got no problem with watching out for violence in the crowd, however kicking people out for calling an umpire a “bald-headed flog” (which IMO is fair comment given who he was referring to) is PC gone mad. Their contempt for supporters is a disgrace. What next? Take a moral stance against eating meat, so they replace Four’n’Twenty pies with some ■■■■■■ tofu substitute?

To be honest this is a reflection of Australia losing its way in general. Pandering to minorities, lacking any form of common sense or sense of humour, preaching “equality” and “freedom of speech” yet when people have a contrary opinion they get shamed and ridiculed. It’s what to expect in the years to come if and when the looney left take over…


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Perhaps, AFL dictator, Gil Jong Un, is secretly planning to introduce pens & segregate fans like in English soccer. Will ruin the game for good if that happens. Being able to mingle with opposition fans is part of the fun. But, they need to leave the fans to let off steam. Once they try & control it, they create increased angst & it just makes it worse.

Booing & yelling at umps is a part of footy. This isn’t tennis. Drunken yobbos who go over the top & try & incite violence need to be dealt with, but not those fans calling umps flogs or being animated at games. The AFL have gone way too far & it is getting worse.

Gil Jong Un - needs to go, along with his cronies.


My take


Stadium was full of rabid fans against the hawks, but not to capacity


The term PC doesn’t mean anything these days. It’s just shorthand for stuff people don’t like.


Whilst I agree with what you’re on about, I don’t see how calling someone a bald headed flog is a reflection on society. I have no problems with freedom of speech and freedom to protest, however that does not include being able to say what you want, when you want without carrying any consequences for your actions.

For me, I’ve never really felt threatened at a footy match. The worst has probably been during the drugs saga when if any opposition supporter said a word about us being cheats, a riot would have occurred.

I actually think that ‘social media’ and ‘online bullying’ (towards fans and players) that occurs on twitter is a far bigger issue.
Half the crap that people spurt on twitter wouldn’t be said face to face to anyone in the 80s. And if it was, they’d be taking an ambulance trip to the hospital. This is slowly finding it’s way into sporting crowds and I hope it doesn’t break out into something we don’t want to see in the sport.


Corporate corruption, insider trading and bullying without oversight or accountability = teh left.


Political correctness gone mad, Is a statement used by people who don’t like being called out for being rude, offensive or inappropriate.

Being Politically correct… might also be considered polite or courteous.


I think umpires are hearing the insults because there is less to cheer about.

The end less mucking about with the games rules and the drive to commercialise every aspect.

The umps dont generally deserve a super hard time, but they dont help themselves.

Literally a team of umpires at each game officiating way too many rules. It just leads to an inconsistent and frustrating game.

I must admit, i’m really sick of everything being dictated by children.

I am 26 years old, and when I went as a kid, people would be saying every swear word imaginable. My parents would just look at me and laugh.

I go to the football to barrack. I don’t care about other people’s children.

If a person is ridiculously drunk and clearly over doing it, the crowd around him can sort it out, and get someone to remove him. Self policing is the best way to handle it.

It looked like the Gestapo walking up and down the isles last night. Really not a good look for the game. Makes a far more uncomfortable atmosphere for the fans than anything else.


Just missed adding in that it’s all the fault of Dill that runs it, and the idiot boys club sychophants he hires.

This genie seems way out of the bottle now, and I actually love it - every oppo supporter who moans to me about the shitcarnts that run the game, og boy do I laugh in their face with a big I told you so.


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