Fan Engagement - What does this even mean?

I keep hearing this phrase in here but I really don’t understand what people want or mean by this.

Doesn’t seem to be media related like the wallpapers or post game videos. We get podcasts and videos and social media.

What do you mean by more fan engagement?

Access to the club
Seats when watching training
Shisha at the vfl
Ability to nominate clowns from the fan base to yell at the players.

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More baby races and raffle tickets to win a TV


What sort of access?



They always turn up but instead of knocking they leave a card attempting delivery.


Oh happy days,
Oh happy days

The next step of woke progressiveness will see the club campaign for matrimonial rights between man and fan of floor, ceiling and paper varieties.

Tbh i can’t give you an answer without ridiculing nuffie fans but along the lines of more family days less corporate dinners.


‘‘Fan engagement is signing up to a footy forum, sending a couple posts so you can get elected on the board and then not signing in again for the next 7+ years.’’ D Barham.


My guess it’s it’s different for every fan and that winning games of footy goes along way to satisfying most.

Firstly though, let’s make fans feel welcome at the club. Wether that be seating, hospitality, make Tulla a place where fans want to be.

Secondly. Our fans have been through ALOT. Perhaps, instead of seeing them as cash cows, it’s time to give something back.
Maybe as simple as draw out one member a week to be invited to the Presidents function, maybe it’s some freebies for the kids for long term members. Put some thought around it, some heart into it, and come up with something that makes members/fans feel valued.

They have survey data that can surely provide the answers. It’s not difficult, just requires the want.


I suspect the survey data about fan answers to the question ‘what can EFC do to make you more engaged as a fan?’ trends heavily towards ‘win some fkg games for god’s sake’ which is probably not terribly helpful in this intance.


As someone who’s job is Engagement in NGO’s.

Imo Consultation is more important than ‘engagement’.

Personally I’d be pushing for things like:

Open days during training, and breaking down barriers between EFC staff and supporters with bbqs. Members and supporters developing good relationships with EFC staff. And can come and discuss and ask questions.

Opening up the club so members can look around and explore the facilities.

Informal events so members can talk and raise concerns with board members.

Create members working committees and consult supporters to inform internal strategies. (Members will do anything to help the club)

Running after school programs for local teenagers who live in the Tulla area.

School holiday programs.


I’ve sort of felt the ‘vibe’ was we want to be a big AFL club but with more VFL style interactions.

Even at the BBBQs none of the players ever came to say hello. Goddard did in the corridors during a tour but that was it.

Seats at The Hanger would be the perfect example.
More fan days at The Hanger for the kids. Free entry.
Less expensive dinners, that most fans won’t be able to afford.

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The EFC functions annoy me because I don’t drink and i’m sure 70% of the cost is for the alcohol.

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To be fair, if you were a player who knew what Blitz was and had read the sort of stuff that gets posted here, would YOU want to come and chat to us?


My sister received her membership pack yesterday… Asking her to enter a contest that expired a month or so ago. She rang up and cancelled her membership.

■■■■ like that.


Lol yep… hence why I suggested winning games of footy goes along way to fan engagement. Winning = happy fans who don’t really give a ■■■■ whether they’re engaged or not :grin:

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I think it’s important for staff (people working in marketing, memberships, football department, etc) to engage with supporters. Break down the barriers between supporters and staff., because there is a massive wall and divide between club and supporters.

Supporters will see that people working at the club do care about EFC, and staff will see that supporters are not just grumpy people looking to complain about everything.

There needs to be some cohesion built, because we are not one unified club.