Fantasy NBA 2017/2018


Cheers mate, it was a very close final, I think many teams suffered towards the end with injuries. Already Looking forward to next season!


League champions below - Cafegerat is only our 4th champion in 7 seasons.

2017 Rose Before Hoes
2016 Steez Merchants
2015 Clam Busters
2014 Steez Merchants
2013 Clam Busters
2012 Tanking for Davis
2011 Tanking for Davis


i enjoy this keeper league. definitely trying to strike a balance between getting the next big thing but also stacking the roster to try and win it

i’m also keen to offload a couple of keepers if anyone is in need of some via a trade


Come at me! We are all about the proven performers over at the Bulls.


Hey everyone … are we all keen to go again?










Yep! When are we drafting? I’m in the US, so evenings and mornings Melbourne time work well for me.


Yeah I’ll have another crack


Yep, I’ll likely be in the US during the draft, same timing would suit as Eggs.




Teams renewed.

Can we do the draft on or after October 12?

9 confirmed - waiting on @redbull, @mcdav and whoever is Spearmint Rhinos/Slatisfaction (I think)


I’m out lads - too busy these days.


I’m in again


12th works for me. Although I think you mean the 13th her in aus? @Awesome_Scotty


Haha yep! Sorry so confused!

Have a mate from work who wants to join if there are no takers for mcdav’s spot. Solid team.


How many keepers do we do in this league?