Fantasy NBA

We’re a bit over a month out.

Are we having any major changes this year?

I probably won’t win the championship, that’s a major change from last season.


Min and Max keepers this season?

Think it was 6-8?

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Still no nothing about NBA - hoping to go one better and win it this year though!

Where’s @bjsteel mr commissioner at?

Hi everyone,

I’m back now - sorry for being late this year.

Nothing new this year unless anyone would like to change something. I think last year a weekly roster change was almost approved so I might open that up to a vote again.

Keepers are a minimum of 6 maximum of 8 (although I’m happy to get feedback about this).

Reverse ladder position draft order - the usual.


We’ve had very few trades in this league, ever, but in case anyone is interested these are the players in my squad that might have some worth to someone;

Kawhi Leonard
Chris Paul
Jimmy Butler
Goran Dragic
Khris Middleton
Dwight Howard
Julius Randle
Patrick Beverly
Gorgui Dieng
Jeremy Lin
Tristan Thompson
Jaylen Brown
Juancho Hernengomez

I’ll happily trade you all my picks, or trade some of the bottom guys on that list for picks.

Also, that’s a list of the reigning champions, so they must be good. Especially Tristan Thompson.

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When are we drafting?

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I’ll be out this year, just don’t have the time.

This weekend or the following weekend work better?

I think the following works better for me. I have the same problem as you, AS, where I’m in an inconvenient time zone. Will try and make it work though.

either suits me

Alrighty 13-15th time.

@eggs what time is better for you? It’s 10pm here and about 2pm in Melbourne.

I’m on the east coast, so best for me is my morning, Melbourne evening, or vice-versa. I’ll try and be flexible with what works for the group though. If I have to auto-draft I will live with that.

Is this dead? Am I the eternal champion?


Do you want to share commissioner duties? We asked you this question last year too!

I will be honest. I loved doing this comp but my love is dying. The time I have to put in is the main part. I will keep going though. I enjoyed the previous footy season because I cut most of my FF ties, no SC, DT or Real DT, it was pretty liberating. I only did the Blitz FF comp that AS is also in.

Also not doing any fantasy EPL stuff either.

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I’m with you on that - cut all my fantasy footy obligations other than Blitz fantasy comp (number 2). I won’t be devastated if we can’t get this off the ground, but if it’s going ahead I’ll play.

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Yeah I will continue if someone takes charge but my sass levels have dropped a bit.

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