Fantasy NBA 2017/2018


Draft next sunday at 11am?

just sent invites to fog and waiting for andrew’s email.

keepers to be set by thursday, do it within the app.



After the season has started??


Season starts Wed


I still haven’t received anything from you @Awesome_Scotty


I would prefer the draft being done before the season starts.


I’m happy to do it whenever. Ideally before the season starts of course


Yes in the next couple of days would be the best. But if you can’t make it happen it’s no big deal. I can do anytime from 6-11 AEDT


Might need to do it Tuesday night at say 8pm AEST


Haha so out of it.

Tuesday night 8pm AEST!


I’ll resend it to your email from the PM again, check junk mail too :slight_smile:


tomorrow night, 8pm done.


im in perth so 5pm doesn’t overly suit with work, but more than happy to set my order and be on autodraft, so if 8pm eastern suits everyone, lets do it!


Works for me @Awesome_Scotty! Thanks mate.


I’ll be the same given Singapore is in the same time zone. Have set my keepers.


8PM works for me.


I doubt I’ll make 5am here in the US, but will trust auto draft to look after me.

My keepers are set, but for reference:

Kawhi Leonard
Jimmy Butler (You ****ing need me, you can’t win without me)
Khris Middleton
John Collins
Will Barton
Jonathan Isaac


Yeah 5am here as well!


Might be too late - but pushing it back an hour probably works for everyone?


No need to change it on my account - 5 is too early, and then at 6 I’ll probably prioritize the gym over manual drafting. I am throwing caution to the wind this season, at least with drafting. As in BBFFL#2, my strength is more in free agency and trades rather than the draft.


you should prioritize the gym, weed.