Fark carlton continues

Good cocaine is amazing

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If Keith Richards can do it…

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this is like the Perth edition of seppuku

At least i wont have to watch the semi final loss!

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Cocaine, not meth.


That was a ridiculous call, as was the dangerous tackle call that lead to the goal before it and robbed the Swans of their momentum. I didn’t like the deliberate oob call that went against the Swans either. Ball was clearly about to bounce over the line and swans player made a pretty gutsy decision to put the slipper into it on the ground and get it 40 metres up field, his clear intention being to stop the ball going out of bounds where it was about to go out of bounds

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Then the Carlton one that wasn’t called in the last. Kicked for touch. Been a free kick all year…


Swans have been the cause of way more misery in recent times for us. Hate them, hate the advantages they’ve enjoyed for decades. Fark C, meh, don’t really care, if anything feel a tiny bit of solidarity for having been destroyed by the AFL and spent years in the wilderness. Suck a big one Sydney, now someone make sure Pies don’t get it.


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I hate the Swans too but ■■■■ Carlton more than any ■■■■■■■ can be ■■■■■■


True, but after 20 years of nothing , an elimination final win would be great

Oh hell, even winning Anzac Day would be great.

Can I just say, Fark Essendon!

Also Fark Carlton

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Omg. I was at a concert last night, Berlin from the 80s. Their bass player was wearing an FC guernsey. Wtf man, can’t even escape them when you try!

These farks will beat Melbourne Brayshaw wont play

Gawn has a broken toe and Oliver is playing injured

Melbourne are there for the taking

I think you might be right, but Carlton will be missing a few too.

If they win they will have earned it.

Then face a brick wall in Brissy at the gabba

Pretty much

I want FC to lose this week and Pies next… BUT
If FC win it would be glorious weekend next if Pies and FC both lose…

Nah … Dees will be pumped up to win it for Brayshaw. Fritsch will click into gear and kick a bag.

See yuz next year FC.


I have not Farked Carleton for a while, saving for this moment