Father Son Watch (2017 onwards)

What’s wow. No b&f’s, no all australians but you class him as a champion. Very good player but no champion.

Yes he was
If anyone today played 238 games and kicked 330odd goals they would be considered a champion.Not to mention he quite often had the oppos best defender on him.


Maybe by essendon 2000’s standards. Champions are the cream of the crop like Watson, Madden, TD, Lloyd, Hird, in the last 20 years Watson and Merret.

Bewick very good player but a rung under champion level.

Fortunately you don’t need to be the son of a champion to be our saviour. So Elijah should fit the bill for the time being

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This a is probably true, he’s like at a Stringer level. Fun to watch - great skills.

100 games is the yardstick. Don’t have to be a champion, just have to produce a better footballer than you were.

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Timmy Watson produced a Brownlow medallist, but I wouldn’t say he was better.


Kicking 9 in your comeback game after an ACL makes you a god dam champion.


Yep plus playing 6 state games for WA.

Bewick was our best small forward for the best part of 12 years, and we have seen since him how short a small forwards career can be.

best small forwards since 2000 for efc
walla - best by a country mile.
Monfries - but lacked Bewicks explosive pace
Cupido - a couple of years
Alwyn Davey - 100 games
Green for 1-2 years
Fantasia for a couple of years
Winderlich - had talent but more suited to wing and perenially injured
Leroy Jetta fwd/mid
Kyle Reimers
trav Colyer fwd/mid
Corey Dell
Mark Baguley back pocket/fwd pocket
Conor MCKenna half a season
Dev smith fwd /mid
Snelling fwd/mid
Mosquito - acl and went home, showed potential

now we have wanganeen’s and Daveys
but still ahvent invested a lot in classy small forwards


Every news item refers to any AFL player as a ‘star’. So, if the going in point is that every AFL player is a star, then Darren Bewick was a champion.

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the clear message in anything Star Wars is that me & my brothers are our first, last and only hope


Other than Walla, what a sad lot. What sort of recruitment team could come up with that lot?
Surely, they’ve been moved on by now!


Um, so?
Ashcroft wasn’t a champion and he may have produced two sons worthy of pick #1.


um so? I didn’t say that only champions can have sons who are AFL quality players. Obviously most AFL quality players do not have fathers who played AFL. I am saying that of the star players that we have had, there are not many chances for F-S left

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I have no problems with that list or the assessment of the players on it. What it does tell me is that for too long the drafting for the small forward position has been something of an afterthought, and not really part of any overall strategy.

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Help us Koby-wan Kenobi.

You’re our only hope.


ps sorry wifi’s been down a while in my holiday shack in the swamp.

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Davey was a very good forward.

A couple of those players were pretty good only injuries stopping them being stars. Can’t put that on recruiting.

thread title should be changed to Sons’ fathers watch