Father Son Watch (2017 onwards)

Have to say it is one of my nightmares too. Hoping so much it happens and we get him before I am allocated my permanent cloud.


Stop it you awful person.


Hey @THE_DON1 , hope you are well.

I’m mindful of young Bewick being years away from his draft year, but curious as to what stage of his journey he’s up to. You obviously have a great knowledge of the underage programs - would he be involved in any rep footy this year? Underage Vic Metro or perhaps U/16s Coates Talent League as a bottom ager?

I’m curious to follow his journey once it gets to the serious stuff - dominating local footy is nice but perhaps not worth investing too much time.

Thanks in advance if you have any intel on this.

He is under 15s, he could qualify to play as an underage player in Calders 16s but wasn’t in their squad. Honestly if they picked it on best players regardless of age he would have made their team easy if yesterday was anything to go by. He will likely play In and captain the under 15 Victorian SSA team this year


just pull some friggin strings DON1 JUAN and get Koby into the rednblack AFL team later this year.
just imagine next preseason pocock, nackers and cjohns reporting on a 15 year old kid tearing up tulla!

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Hide Kobe like Geelong did with Stewart.

Nobody puts Kobe in a corner.


Hide him until he’s 22yo?




I don’t see why. The AFL are still investing heavily in youth & school programs and this would continue.
Personally, I believe the development of Indigenous kids has been treated very poorly compared to the Northern Academies. I still doubt that Clubs will invest as strongly in NGA’s when they are likely to miss out on them if they are any good.
I like your idea of a National Academy; particularly, if all Clubs are required to invest equally, then these kids could into the National Draft & the Cat B Rookie could still be retained, maybe in a Draft process after the Rookie Draft.

Wishful thinking but is this kid coming in at the same time as Tassie with their draft concessions?

I believe so


That’s the current planned Tassie draft timeline (they’re in the ‘27 draft and playing in ‘28). Means that - if Bewick ends up good enough - while everyone else will need to trade for Tasmania’s picks or miss the top end of the draft, we could end up with a top talent in amongst the chaos.

Would be a nice change from being completely in the wrong place at the wrong time when GCS and GWS came along.


You are assuming the AwFL will not change the rules just to screw us over yet again.


Given the performance of the academies producing talent versus AFL run programs, almost certainly. Plus the incentive to take up the sport knowing you can play in your home state.


I’m assuming no such thing.

tassie just have to bid on him with one of their high picks and we pay market value anyway.

in fact, it would not actually surprise if tassie were able to scoop him up as a pre draft selection.

i’m fully expecting their concessions to be even more absurd than what we’ve seen with other clubs already.

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It would surprise me. Not gonna happen.


we’re gunna have kako, the daveys, koby bewick, gresh, guelfs playing as the tall forward, all playing in our 2028 premiership team forward line.
tsatas will launch chaos balls into the F50 so there’ll be so much ground ball pressure tassie won’t know what hit 'em.

but the umps will give the devils 9 free kicks in the goal square and we’ll lose by a point.


And so it begins…

The AFL trade and draft system is being revamped, and it’ll be harder for clubs to match bids on father-sons and academy stars. Plus the potential for pick purchasing and more.

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