Father-Sons - Mason Fletcher, Tom Hird, etc

Share thoughts on our potential up and coming father-son recruits.

Does anyone know what height and position Tom Hird is?


Thomas Hird is one inch high and four feet wide, and plays wing, along with 21 other dudes.

Only pictures I can find indicate he’s a lot shorter than James, but generally upright.



Training reports suggest he is about 175cm which is surprising. Still only 17 though so will probably grow a little bit more.

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Is Hird this year’s draft or next year’s?

if hes 17 he would be eligible this year. i would think that he wouldnt nominate until 2020 if hes been playing soccer primarily.

Cheers, just caught up on the other thread. Was wondering if he’d been an early January birthday. It appears not.

its probably most likely for 2020 as well if Mason Fletcher nominates.

Just wondering if the club likes the idea of the father sons coming into the system a year older ala under 19’s of yesteryear. It would have some merit.

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For Hirds salary to be excluded from the cap they would have to take him as Cat B this year.

That would mean he can’t play though so probably not a good option.

He’d be miles off being able to play regardless after 3yrs being out of footy and physically no where near it.

We should only get Hird if we are able to use a pick in the 70s for him.

And by pick in the 70s I mean pick 79.


I meant in the U18’s or VFL.

If he plays this year then Cat B would be out of the question.

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I find it all sorts of weird that the two notable pick 79s probably ever were both half forwards from Canberra (Aaron hammill and some other guy).

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Seems like only yesterday!


I never get bored posting this.

(Tom does look a bit short.)


Will Tom play school or TAC cup this year? And if so who for?

Its great that Tom has seen how they go about it at training.
He has the basics, now he has to put in a great year of hard work at TAC level to get a chance. As a father son prospect, it can be tricky.