Favourite Movie From Each Year Of The 1960s

I like the one where he sings a bit and he punches someone.

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Kid Galahad and Broken Arrow are classics.

The musicals ones were good to take a girlfriend and sit in the back row.

In other words you took a girl to an Elvis movie, to not watch the movie. l get it.


And the one where that patriarchal figure thinks he’s a dumb hick but by the end Elvis wins his approval.
That’s a good one, too.

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60-magnificent 7
61- 101 dalmations
62- to kill a mocking bird
63- the birds
64- Zulu
65- thunderball
66- good bad and the ugly
67- dirty dozen
68- planet of the apes
69- true grit

1960: Psycho
1961: Last year in Marienbad
1962: Loneliness of the long distance runner.
1963: Charade
1964: The Train
1965: The Icpress File
1966: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
1967: Cool Hand Luke
1968: The Swimmer
1969: Easy Rider

“I’m gonna win this race”.

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You could make that one even better by having Elvis and the Boss’s daughter fall in love!

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I have an inkling that you don’t mind an Action/Westen movie every so often.

What gave it away? :wink:

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I had to read this screenplay for a class at uni, I was blown away by the dialogue. Great choice.


You made sense of Last Year at Marienbad?

Well done!

I thought it was turgid, pretentious nonsense.

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1960 - The Magnificent Seven
1961 - The Hustler
1962 - Lawrence of Arabia
1963 - The Great Escape
1964 - My Fair Lady
1965 - The Sound of Music
1966 - Alfie
1967 - Cool Hand Luke
1968 - Planet of the Apes
1969 - The Italian job


It is, but sometimes it works.