Favourite Movie From Each Year Of The 1990s

Next up…we come to the 4th thread in the Favourite Movie Series.

This one is for the 1990s

The rules are simple…if you’re not sure or don’t have one for a particular year, just leave it blank.

And no fence sitting allowed…no double/triple entries…make a decision!!!

Bugger it…pick as many as you like as long as you nominate a favourite :slight_smile:

So here’s my effort:

1990 Memphis Belle (tough decision but it’s the one I watch most from this year…honourable mentions to Goodfellas, Home Alone and Miller’s Crossing)

1991 Hook

1992 Unforgiven (Honourable mentions to Basic Instinct and Reservoir Dogs)

1993 Schindler’s List (Honourable mentions to Bad Boy Bubby, Sleepless in Seattle and Tombstone)

1994 Forrest Gump (Just pipped Pulp Fiction)

1995 Get Shorty (This was a great year - Before Sunrise, Braveheart, Casino, Dead Man, Heat, Leaving Las Vegas, Mallrats, Se7en and Toy Story)

1996 Courage Under Fire (not such a great year)

1997 L.A. Confidential (Honourable mentions to Chasing Amy and Men In Black)

1998 Saving Private Ryan (Honourable mentions to Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels, Ronin and The Thin Red Line

1999 The Matrix (Honourable mentions to American Pie, Any Given Sunday and Dogma)


Toughest decade for picking just one in many of the years. Many of these sit easily in my all time faves.

1990 Goodfellas

1991 Drop Dead Fred

1992 Reservoir Dogs

1993 True Romance, just ahead of Bad Boy Bubby

1994 Clerks/Pulp Fiction (sorry swoodley, even the developed print couldn’t split them)

1995 Casino just pips Heat, because of Heat’s crappy finish

1996 Freeway (agree, kind of a lean year)

1997 Boogie Nights

1998 American History X (although not really one for repeated viewings)

1999 Dogma


1990 - Wild at heart
1991 - Silence of the Lambs
1992 - Wayne’s World
1993 - Jurassic Park (really it was Bomber Blitz 93 the video of our flag year but does that count as a movie)
1994 - Dumb & Dumber
1995 - Crimson Tide
1996 - The Ghost & the Darkness
1997 - Devils Advocate
1998 - American History X
1999 - Cruel Intentions

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  1. Home alone - formative for me, one of my top 3 most watched movies.
  2. Cape Fear
  3. A few good men, (2nd 3rd and 4th are Aladdin, Scent of a woman, My Cousin Vinny- shout out to glengarry glen ross).
  4. Carlito’s way (shout out to sleepless in seattle, falling down, mrs doubtfire, A bronx tale. the fugitive)
  5. Leon the profession (Speed - one of the best action movies of all time Natural born killers)
  6. Toy Story (best animated movie of all time) - shout outs to Seven, 12 monkeys, braveheart, heat and the usual suspects (thanks for being a ■■■■ spacey).
  7. Primal fear and Sleeper, cannot differentiate, norton was fantastic and sleeper is just a favourite movie.
  8. Donnie brascoe, the fifth element, startship troopers (shout out to as good as it gets).
  9. American history x, armadgeddon, and theres something about mary (shout out to A bug’s life and Mulan, absolutely great disney animated movies).
  10. The green mile, boondock saints, toy story 2, fight club, american beauty (another movie ruined by spacey).

1990 - La Femme Nikita
1991 - Terminator2
1992 - Chaplin
1993 - Groundhog Day
1994 - Leon: The Professional
1995 - 12 Monkeys
1996 - Happy Gilmore
1997 - The Fifth Element
1998 - The Big Lebowski
1999 - The Matrix


One of the best decades for film.

1990 - Goodfella’s
HM - Millers Crossing

1991 - The Lovers on the Bridge
HM - The Silence of the Lambs, Boyz n the Hood, JFK, The Doors

1992 - Reservoir Dogs

1993 - Menace II Society
HM - Falling Down, Jurassic Park

1994 - Pulp Fiction
HM - Chungking Express, Quiz Show

1995 - Before Sunrise
HM - La Haine, Seven, Heat, The Usual Suspects

1996 - Beautiful Girls
HM - Fargo, Primal Fear

1997 - Insomnia (Norwegian Version)
HM - Boogie Nights, Donnie Brasco, Anaconda(JLo’s a$$ in its prime)

1998 - Saving Private Ryan
HM - The Big Lebowski, American History X

1999 - Fight Club/Magnolia
HM - All About My Mother


Natural Born Killers has gotten better with age in my opinion

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I’ve resisted these threads so far, but was never gonna be able to skip the 90’s:

1990 - Goodfellas (Special Mention: Home Alone)

1991 - Terminator 2 (Naked Gun 2 ½)

1992 - Reservoir Dogs (Wayne’s World)

1993 - Groundhog Day (Carlito’s Way)

1994 - Pulp Fiction (Clerks, Forrest Gump, Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, Shawshank… fark, what a year!)

1995 - Seven (The Usual Suspects, Mallrats)

1996 - Happy Gilmore (Kingpin)

1997 - LA Confidential (Chasing Amy)

1998 - The Big Lebowski (There’s Something About Mary, Baseketball)

1999 - Fight Club (American Beauty, Dogma, The Matrix, Being John Malkovich, Office Space, Cruel Intentions… Another huge year.


1990 - Misery
1991 - Silence of the Lambs
1992 - Strictly Ballroom
1993 - The Piano
1994 - The Shawshank Redemption
1995 - Apollo 13
1996 - Twister
1997 - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
1998 - There’s Something About Mary
1999 - The Green Mile

There was a tonne of good Australian movies in the nineties. Romper Stomper, Priscilla, Muriel’s Wedding, The Castle, Bad Boy Bubby, etc.


1990 - Goodfellas (Home Alone and Kindergarten Cop)

1991 - Silence of the Lambs (Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Boyz n the Hood)

1992 - Reservoir Dogs (Glengarry Glen Ross and Scent of a Woman)

1993 - In the Line of Fire (The Fugitive and Philadelphia)

1994 - Pulp Fiction (Léon: The Professional, Speed, True Lies and Forrest Gump)

1995 - Se7en (Heat, The Usual Suspects, Casino and Dead Man Walking)

1996 - Fargo (Trainspotting and Sling Blade)

1997 - Boogie Nights (Good Will Hunting and The Full Monty)

1998 - Saving Private Ryan (American History X and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels)

1999 - Fight Club (American Beauty and The Sixth Sense)

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My time to shine, for mine the best decade of films:

1990- teenage mutant ninja turtles ( favourite kids film of all time)sucked leaving out both kindergarten cop and misery which are both top notch
1991- terminator 2( not even a competition, Hook and Beauty and the best are very good in their own right though.
1992- Aladdin/ scent of a woman I legit can’t split them.(this was incredibly hard, so many great films as well like a few good men, patriot games, Batman returns,mighty ducks, fern gully, home alone 2- was the year of my favourite kids films
1993- Jurassic park( fugitive,Philadelphia,Groundhog Day are terrific in their own right)
1994- dumb and dumber/ ace ventura( legit can’t split them they are both my favourite comedies of all time) it really sucked leaving out true lies and lion king and speed
1995- crimson tide( felt terrible leaving out se7en and Heat)
1996- The Rock -my favourite action film of all time( hard to leave out Independence Day, first blockbuster I saw as a little kid, blew my mind)
1997- con air
1998- Truman show( I love Armageddon, private ryan is great but it’s an emotionally exhausting film to watch)
1999-the mummy- reminded me of Indiana Jones in the best way. Love that film

That was a lot harder than I originally thought it was


1990 - Millers Crossing
1991 - Naked Lunch
1992 - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.
1993 - So I Married an Axe Murderer
1994 - Leon: The Professional
1995 - Kids
1996 - Fargo
1997 - L.A. Confidential
1998 - The Big Lebowski
1999 - Fight Club

Pretty difficult to have a poor list for the 90’s.

Each year bats very deep.

1990 - Goodfellas (Pretty Woman)

1991 - Silence of the Lambs (Cape Fear)

1992 - Basic Instinct (El Mariachi)

1993 - Groundhog Day (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape)

1994 - Pulp Fiction/The Crow/Léon (can’t split them)

1995 - Se7en (Heat/Bad Boys)

1996 - From Dusk to Dawn (Primal Fear)

1997 - The Fifth Element (Event Horizon)

1998 - The Big Lebowski (Blade/American History X)

1999 - Fight Club/The Matrix/The Green Mile (Notting Hill/Austin Powers)

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1990 - Goodfellas
1991 - Silence of the Lambs
1992 - Glengary Glen Ross
1993 - Army of Darkness (close 2nd fav)
1994 - Pulp Fiction
1995 - Seven
1996 - Trainspotting, Jerry McGuire
1997 - The Game
1998 - American History X
1999 - Rounders & Fight Club (Equal Fav), American Pie


This is the only decade I feel like I have been able to meaningfully contribute to the thread this far. Although clearly Back to the Future 2 was the best movie of 1989 (and the entire 80s).

Also keep in mind I was 7 in 1990…

1990: Back to the Future 3 (the worst movie of this franchise is still good enough to be my favourite film of the year)
1991: Hook
1992: Reservoir Dogs
1993: Groundhog Day
1994: The Naked Gun 33/3
1995: Apollo 13
1996: Happy Gilmore (easily the most quoted movie of my adolescence, daylight to whatever was in second place)
1997: Gattaca (The Castle extremely extremely unlucky)
1998: The Truman Show (aka - my favourite film ever)
1999: The Insider

So at the ripe old age of 9 you watched Reservoir Dogs… impressive!

Beats me watching A Nightmare on Elm Street at age 11.

Oh no I’m sure I watched that one later! I was a wussyass kid

1990 Millers Crossing

1991 JFK

1992 Reservoir Dogs

1993 True Romance

1994 Pulp Fiction

1995 Twelve Monkeys

1996 Trainspotting

1997 Good Will Hunting

1998 Lock Stock / Big Lebowski

1999 Office Space