Final Round 2023 Non Essington Games

Well there are ither games apparently

North tankfest today.


If the cats, crows and tigers all win, we drop to 13th



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Let’s go, Cats, Tigers, Crows!


If cats win, fark the blowtorch is going to be turned on Bevo.

I have 2 coffees on the dogs winning with my cats mate.

probably still prefer dogs to lose for the draft pick benefit though.

Let’s genuinely barrack for the Cats, Crows & Tigers this week.

It will be fun.

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Lucky to be 6-7k at the North game


Having a look at Hawks, and whilst they look young and raw, Mitchell has what appears to have system the players know.

They are putting a lot of team pressure on the Dockers and forcing to over handball and run around in circles.

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Nick Larkey is putting together a very good season. Pick 73 in the 2016 draft.

How can anyone be botherd watching non essendon games?

Once Essendons season was done i have no intrest in watching footy.

Because I enjoy watching footy, not just Essendon.


All other games are better then Essendon


Only way to watch good footy. And also not care much about the result.

Watching Sheezel hit up the ball, no fumbles and passes with precision shows you what we sorely miss on our list.

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Some of the results I will care about: Cats, Tigers and Crows. I would like all of them to win and drop us down 3 places, 13th is a better position.

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Luke Ryan just threw an attempted tackler away!
Or was it Brennan Cox. I dunno. Some Freo KPD.

Casboult just pushes McKay aside with ease. Good signs.