Finals Week 1 - Non Essendon

Yeah its a week away but its worth starting early

Pies - Cats
Giants - Doggies
Lions - Tigers

Is it?

I guess you can spend the week looking for some apostrophes.


They got rinsed



You’re all cooked.

You need more telling Richmond to get ■■■■■■.


Mate who’s a tigers fan wanted to come up for the lions game. I tried to get us tix at exactly 4pm when the public allocation opened. Nope, zilch available, nothing. Had seen on the lions site yesterday they were selling 2020 memberships with access to 2019 finals. How the fark can they be allowed to do that?? Hope the tigers smash these farking fair weather bandwagoners.

Didn’t you hear ■■■■ head Gil last night
“Record attendances etc wank wank”
Nothing else matters
Standard of umpiring is ■■■■ / some games unwatchable / GCS basket case
But hey “I’m Gil and I’m hitting all my self assessed KPI’s so all good with AFL”


Yeah, but it would have sold out in no time anyway without depriving the GP of any farking chance whatsoever of getting a look in. Gabba last year was about half full, if that, when Essendon played here, and half of those were Essendon fans. Farking biggest bandwagoners that ever bandwagoned, I tells ya. ■■■■ them with one of their own pineapples.


■■■■ the cats. I hope the pies spank em. Their coach is the biggest whinger in the AFL. Abletts missus is sooking it up in the papers because little Gary missed out on all Australian. Can’t stand the bastrd5. Hope they go out in straight sets.


these games interest me after thursday.
if we win, will be cheering hard for Tigers to win against Lions so we get a home route through the finals.

not sure who would rather face cats or pies. probably be nice to send off cats without a finals win. and a whinge about not playing at the cattery.


You mean when we win?


They don’t accept mediocrity?

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Hawthorn really screwed up our path to an all MCG finals series through to our 17th flag.

In no world am I keen to see the Pies storm into a home preliminary final - Go Cats.

Pending Dons result I’ll make my choice for whether I’d prefer Tigers or Lions to get up.

In a way the GWS Dogs match is the most intriguing as GWS have a host of players returning and Dogs are the hottest team in the comp.

It’s hard to understand any sentient being that isn’t really really drunk, wanting the Flogs to win.

It makes no sense at all.

From any angle I try to look at it from while trying to work out how they could.

Just Bizarre.

We win, they’re playing a hard stung Eagles on a ground that holds little fear for them, … while the Flogs are scared of going out in 2 losses in front of their feral mob.

We lose, we get the chance to end their season on the G, with strong belief we can get over them in a 3rd time lucky scenario, after being so close to doing so, twice already, …

Anything,… (like a win and a weeks rest), that helps them get the chance to EQUAL OUR 17 FLAGS!!, … being wanted by an EFC supporter is just uncomputable.


Brisbane v Richmond sold out.


Collingwood are patchy as, but they have Grundy and Geelong don’t.
On this basis, Collingwood to get thru in a close one.

GWS will lift significantly, and their forwards will worry the Bulldog backs thus keeping them in the game.
However, the WB mids bat too deep, and are playing some devastating footy.
The Giants are going out quickly in 2019.
They’re due a change of luck in 2020.

I suspect Richmond’s experience to snag a win for them in a very tight game.
Thinking 10pts or less.
Will be barracking hard for Bris though !

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I actually hope GWS win so the whole football world can stop tonguing the bulldogs balls


■■■■ the dogs
They had their fairytale 3 years ago
Let it be our turn


Whilst I understand the sentiment, it might be handy having a team stay in who would have the form to end 1 of Richmond’s or Brisbane’s season the following week.

Now I know the metaphorical ball tonguing of those 2 sides is next level !