Fitbit Surge or Jawbone up3

Need some advice on which is better/more reliable? Massive price different (roughly $50)

Does Jawbone track weightloss? I know fitbit does and has the display screen but I saw that jawbone is more reliable in step recognition… eitherway I will have to wear on my watch wrist which is a bummer.

Mrs WP has the Fitbit Charge HR and loves it. It’s an excellent piece of wearable tech providing HR, Steps, KM, Exercise, Sleep. With the integration to MyFitnessPal (fantastic for tracking your food intake) and pairing with her phone for the GPS logging she finds it provides everything she was looking for. If you want GPS tracking then the Surge adds that, but at a cost.

Check out this recent review from Tech Advisor, from the last few days -

They had the Fitbit HR and Surge as 1 and 2 in the their top 19.

I’ve got the Fitbit Surge and love it. I like it mainly for steps/kms and tracking sleep is always interesting.

I’m mainly interested in the heart rate monitoring. I know they both have continuous HR monitors, but my question is whether they are reliable when you’re working hard and sweating a lot.

I love garmins.

Just count your steps in your head

Yeah, looking at options with these as well. They’ve got Fitbit Charge HR on special at JB at the moment. Not on the website, but saw it instore today.

I got a Fitbit Charge HR on Friday. I’m still trying to work out how to use all the features, and the user-friendliness leaves a bit to be desired, but I like it. The HR monitor seems to work well on a run. I’ll see how it goes on the cross trainer, with more vigorous arm movements, tomorrow. I have terrible sleep patterns.

Are these actually useful or just a novelty?

I don’t go to the gym any more but would have some interest in knowing how much exercise I’m getting through my normal daily routine. I’d also be interested in knowing heart rate information, but only really as a benchmark for the future.

I suspect they will go the way of the Satnav in a few years as phones do more and more.

I have a charge HR. Once I figured out how little I do if I just drive to the office, work, drive home Vs go for a run/walk/ride I kind of haven’t used it much. What was cool was seeing how much calories you burn doing the housework.

I track cardio exercise and calories. It’s good for that. Its calculations of calories burned is based on heart rate, and I think it’s more accurate than the estimates I get on Myfitnesspal or Mapmyfitness.