Five free concession tickets to Dreamtime at the G

Got a bit excited in the cab on the way home from the ground Saturday night and managed to buy five tickets to Dreamtime at the G, only trouble is they’re kids tickets, and I am a fully grown man.

If you have five children or know of five children that want to go and watch us flog the Tigers, PM me your email address and they’re yours. They’re free. I just want these things out of my life.

Note they are general admin tickets - so they’ll get your kids into the ground and close to the grog squad but they don’t guarantee a seat.

Go Bombers.

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Hit up!

Just to clarify (my apologies) these are junior 6-14 tickets

I bought 2 premium kids tickets when I was over for Melbourne and Richmond. They were 70 for adults, 17 for kids. Of course I bought the kids tickets,because the afl can GAGF. No one looks at ya ticket anyway, or if they do, the seat plebs don’t care anyway

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One junior ticket is yours if you feel like shouting yourself an airfare and want to run the gauntlet of the MCG gate goons once again.

is this the online equivalent of a creepy mr whippy driver offering the kiddies free ice-creams?

i jest.