Fixture 2019


Need to be a minimum 2-2 after round 4 with a good percentage, but if we are any good we should be 3-1 easily.


if we beat GWS in Round one we will go 4-0


The Wednesday Anzac Day game farked us for weeks this year… it seemed like we took ages to recover, so it’s good that the next few years we will avoid that kind of problem with our fixture.


Gee, some of our competitors might be severely p1ssed off with us. This could also be the year that we get a fair go from the umpires. The AFL is counting on us big time folks, to bring home the bacon at the gate. Our 2019 games schedule could really be our welcome back pressie from the AFL, and, of course, also for the AFL, kerchunk!

Wait for a bit of back lash from those who hate us with a vengeance. Back to being hated again for all the right reasons, here we go bring it on. Go, go Bombers.


Not really fussed about who we play, and where.
If we’re good enough etc etc.

Am peeved at the two opening stretches of consecutive six day breaks though. One of these is fair enough, but two with only one breather is going to be tough. We’re likely to really need our depth to get through this and play at anything like our best.


Ummm…pretty silly comment really. Melbourne will be ■■■■■■ hard to beat. They’ll be top 4. 50/50 game at best.


Agreed, but don’t forget those other classic rivals- Redface and the Chokers; the Essendon Pension Plans; Sheedy’s Juniors; the Mt Alexander Rd Sharps and the Derek Kickett Landing Grounds.




Maybe we requested Bris at the G knowing full well they’d roll us at Etihad


not really. Each time we have played them over the last few years we have been coming off an anzac day clash. I have no doubt we will come out of the blocks much better this year. If we stay healthy we will beat them.

We are also playing a completely different style now then we were when we last faced them


Doesn’t matter. They’re still a very good team and they’ll more than likely be better than any time we’ve played them in the last few years.
We’ll be a good chance to beat if we play like we should. It sounds to me like you’re underrating Melbourne.
I’m confident we’ll beat most teams. But the top 5 will be us, Melbourne, West Coast, Richmond and Collingwood. All of those teams will be very hard to beat on any given day regardless of how well we are going. If we can win half the games against those sides, we’re in good shape.


0-4 coming up.


I don’t understand why they don’t use the bye week for us, filth, tigers and Dees the week after or before anzac day. Then the teams swap and play each other when the bye weeks roll around later in the year when the other teams in the comp are resting.


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How’s it hanging Nino?


Good mate spewing I couldn’t celebrate on here when we got Shiel


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