Fixture 2020

An article in the HS about next years fixture involving Essendon around the Easter / Anzac games. Basically says, Pies will likely play the Thursday, April 17 (Good Friday Eve) and Essendon could play the Good Friday game. I hope that happens ‘cause playing the Saturday means only a 5 day break between games while the Pies have 7. I guess the league could have 2 Thursday games but that’s unlikely.

The article’s mainly about North. I’ve edited it to get rid of the boring bits …

Brisbane is confident they will be fixtured a Good Friday Eve game at home against Collingwood, followed by the Roos again taking part in the third Good Friday game.

The next Wednesday night Richmond and Melbourne take part in their now-traditional game on Anzac Eve before the Collingwood-Essendon game on Thursday April 25.

There is speculation either Richmond or Essendon could take on North Melbourne because it would help maximise the break for the team playing the week after Good Friday.

Richmond would need to play Good Friday then the next Wednesday — only a five-day break.

Essendon would play Good Friday then the next Thursday — and would get a six-day break before taking on a Roos outfit that it played this year in an epic 35-goal shootout.

As of Thursday neither club had been told whether they will take part in the contest, with the league set to start drip-feeding out fixtures to clubs over the weekend.

Not many leaks this year. Probably will happen throughout the weekend

Yep, that’s what the article said, that they’d drip feed the public over the weekend

The AFL is the only place where “trickle down” works.

For certain values of “works”.

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I think we’ll end up playing Freo for round 1 (as they requested).

Reading the fixture guidelines, my wish list would be (if possible, not sure if I’ve understood the guidelines properly)

  • Hawks or Sydney twice
  • Geelong and Port twice
  • GC and FarkCarlton twice.

I will be back home for June and July so I just want to see a farking win…against anybody…I didn’t see one in 2016 (obvious reasons!)


ANZAC eve is not a thing! STOP IT AFL! STOP IT!


But it’s tradition! It says so in the article!

And good Friday eve?

I agree with the sentiment of Anzac Eve is not a thing but it’s done very well imo. I’ve been to that game for a few years in a row now and it’s a good night and great atmosphere.


Regardless of any football game, Anzac Day is a day, and the evening before it is its “eve”. It’s always been so, and always will be.

Deal with it people.


You seen the crowds they’re getting? It’s a thing. Get used to it.


Has it even been recognised as such by the wider community though? I’ve never heard of the expression outside of the awful.

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The MCC have long recognised it as a thing, having one of their major young members on Anzac Eve for some time.

I actually really enjoy the game. And go to both.

2019 will be massive with Essendon, Collingwood, Richmond and Melbourne all expected to do very well.


Google tells us the RSL do. So if the RSL do, then…


Ok, fair enough. I hadnt heard of it personally.

No worries, thanks, I’m officially fine with it now.


Reckon we’ll probably get the Saturday fixture rather than Good Friday. Otherwise it’ll be too short of a break for the Tigers into Anzac Eve (4 days). It’s gonna be a headache either way.