Football department review

The club has commissioned a review into coaching, player development and list management. This is an internal review that will be overseen by Board members Sheedy, Madden and Wellman.

Brasher has pre-determined the results of the review saying, “The actions that come out of this review are likely to be incremental in terms of additional resources, rather than transformational.”

Pretty disappointed that this review is being conducted in house. An external review is needed.


If you listen to Brasher talk about this, it sounds like a half arsed review. Clubs should be continually reviewing these things anyway. He pretty much even said not to expect any big fast changes.


You can bet that the club find a scape goat, who has been ‘responsible’ for all of the clubs poor performances.

It happened with Craig, Neeld, Richardson, Crowe.

Doddoro or one of the assistant coaches will be in the firing line…… regardless of the fact that Campbell has been overseeing this program for 9 years.


■■■■■■■ self indulgent arseholes running this club.

Get the ■■■■ out.


Aaaand review complete. “We were so impressed by everyone that participated in the review they were all given a 4 year contract extension”.


Such a joke. Four weeks ago everything was fine and we didn’t need a review, now we’ve got the ■■■■■■■ chairman intervening in operations.

We’ll get a senior assistant from this, guaranteed. ‘We are still confident that Ben is the right man for the job, but we think he needs an experienced person to guide him’



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the job preservation review


Also in breaking news - smith Will have a 4 week mini preseason to build up the muscles around his knee.

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This is going to be fun. Reminds me of every internal review from the Lieberal Party. This club….


I hate internal reviews couched as some ground breaking process- surely for a club this ■■■■ there is a constant process of reviewing and improving internal structures and methodologies?

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We can’t even do reviews right. We will need a review of the review.


It’s being lead by a mortgage broker. Were ■■■■■■■ doomed

complete waste of time. Wellman and sheedy running it, lmao

msy as well all sit around in a circle and high five each other


The people doing the review are the exact people that need to be reviewed. SHAM.


Will Smith?


If the club stops short of anything but a major overhaul I am done until those in charge are gone. The min is Rutten must go as head coach. Don’t give me this on he needed more support BS. I don’t want anymore band aids. It’s obvious its not working, we move on and conduct a f*** proper process to appoint the best new coach including doing whatever is needed to make Clarko and Lyon throw their hats into the ring for consideration and not politely decline because we are the worlds biggest basket case

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I can see it now……’I’m sorry tea lady, but the lack of lemon served with the Earl Grey has lead to a massive decline in our performance and can’t be ignored anymore.’

As much as I hate this internal crap, if we end up turfing Dodoro and end up with Hinkley/Simpson/Buckley as a senior assistant I will be happy.

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i’m hoping someone in he media grows a set of balls and actually asks he club what they are so afraid of getting out into the public, if they allow an external review ?

That’s really the only question they have to pound on asking.

why are you so scared of an external review ?