Footy Reserved seats for next 2 games



I have Level 3  front Row A (2 x seats 1-adult 1-jnr) just to the left, behind the goals available for next 2 games.


I'd love to offer free, but I can't as I recently stacked the car and well, yeah excess was $700.


Anyway, I'd still like to offer them for $15  each, cheaper that general admin, and you know

they're reserved so you can rock up 15mins before game.


I live in Nunawading and you'd have to pick them up/return them.


PM me whoever is keen with mobile/name and I'll call back.


I'll leave this up till 4pm today (FRIDAY 15/8)


So this is for:


Ess vs WCE


Ess vs GC


You don't have to to get for both games either. PM me for either game or both.


Wish I could go..............

bump for op

Bumped 'cause it's agr8 opportunity for someone(s).