Forgotten Icecream

I was reminiscing about the glory days (I'm 29) and going through cartoons we used to watch, different type of lollies we used to eat (remember Ka-Bluey?) However when we got to ice-creams, we couldn't remember one in particular.

To describe:

Standard ice cream on a stick, chocolate coated.


There was a solid piece of chocolate at the very centre of the ice cream, about two inches long, on the stick.


Driving us insane.

Chock Block.

You’re too young to recall these two, but massively epic…

Ain’t seen red chocolate since…prolly carcinogenic

Buffalo Motherf*****n Bill

Anyone recall the name of the ice cream that was a block of vanilla ice-cream between two biscuits?

Monaco bar

Monaco Bar.


Come at me.

Buffalo Motherf*****n Bill

Yep. One of the classics

These things are bad ■■■ too. Old school, but they’re back in the supermarkets now.

Chock Block.


Chock Block.

Found a pic here, looks like the UK had another. Makes for good reading anyway


A friend of mine was saying there icecream, simliar, but it was like buscuit/popping candy in the middle. Was there a varient to the choc block?

Buffalo Motherf*****n Bill

I heard there was competition from Gumball Gary. The poor alternative. Love the name though.

Maybe a feast?

When you fly to NZ you still get a variation of the Chock block after Lunch/Dinner.

Buffalo Motherf*****n Bill

loved them!


Also, Heart. Two-in-one.

Don't remember who made them, but I used to like Wink.

It was caramel and chocolate swirled together.



Also, Heart. Two-in-one.

Two in Ones were cool. So were Eskimo Pies.


Are sunny boys and zooper doopers still around (I know they are not icecreams).