Forum Footy 2022 - Sunday Feb 6 - Olympic Park @ 10:30 - ANNOUNCE NEW FUND RAISING RECORD

Hi Guys,

That time again.

Raising money for fightmnd this year, as per normal just donate whatever you can for your players ticket 50 cents or 50 bucks it all counts. As per normal ring ins more than welcome.

Date: Sunday Feb 6

Time: 10.30 for an 11.00 start

Venue: Olympic Park

Same as the last few years. Intrablitz plus ring ins.

2 blitz captains and the selection commitee (me and @nickers) will devide the teams up evenly.

Anyone new will be asked to grade themselves 1-3.
1 - Never played, Fitness “sub par”
2 - No footy but good Fitness
3 - Any sort of footy background

All players welcome regardless of age/gender have had plenty of kids and ladies front up in the past.

What to bring:
No boots runners only
1 white shirt
1 coloured shirt

Donation page now live


As per normal tracking players and helpers here

Scotty21 + 1
@nickers + 22
@THE_DON1 + 1
@Pintar + 2
@ryno1980 + 1
@Eastie_Boi1 +1
@Jake_Brady_10 + 8



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How do you donate, @scotty21 ?

Love it mate!

Will reach out to my crew again, although tbh I know they all really loved the recent intrablitz format where we could pick even teams, with most people already knowing each other (or were at least vouched for by a Blitzer).

I expect a lot less numbers from my group if we revert back to the old Dons v Dees format, just a heads up. :+1:t2:

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Definitely interested this year.

I’ll try not to get in the way as much.

I’ll be down to go again, my mate should be good aswell if needed.

I will be there, but got a bit of work to do in the morning, so might be a little on the late side.

Hey @scotty21 is this all locked in?

I’ve been away over the Chrissy break so haven’t messaged the fellas to suss numbers yet, but I’m assuming we’re sticking with 6th Feb? Lots of sickies atm so I wasn’t sure whether we wanted to push the date back at all to help with numbers but happy to be guided by you again mate.

And do you know if we’re doing the IntraBlitz thing again or whether it’ll be a Dons v Dees vibe? Just coz there’ll be blokes from last time who may not wanna play if it’s the latter (not all my mates are Dons fans unfortunately lol), which is all good but I’ll just let them know in advance.

Cheers! :+1:t2:

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Locked in and despite my optimism its an intrablitz game :slight_smile:


Fair enough given we’ve seen how little regard for Covid protocols Melbourne supporters have.


Sweet, I’ll let the gang know!

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Happy for you to manage a facebook event again

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Goes without saying but common sense says if you don’t feel well, don’t show up.

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OP updated :slight_smile:

Previous 2 games

Coloured Shirts 10.19.79 White Shirts 9.11.65
$838 raised for mensline Australia

Coloured Shirts 12.8.80 White Shirts 8.6.54
$1764 raised for the bushfire appeal


I first joined in 2020 and the colours haven’t lost, coincidence? :thinking:

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I’ve also been selected to the same team as you each time.

Also coincidence :grin::grin:

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@theDJR is going to live stream the game this time :grin::grin::grin:

I’m off, so I’ll be there in some capacity.

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