Found @ membership cards

On Friday last week I found 2 Adult bronze membership cards on roadside in Craigieburn. Same surname on each card, Seats on level 3. If they could be yours PM some details. I am going to the game and could meet at gate 5, my seat is 2 bays from above.

I tried white-pages on line and rang a couple of numbers but did not find the owners.

Why don’t you just call the club?

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Good thought, but club open 9-5 Monday to Friday, Will visit member tent at the ground if no luck from blitz. I am sorry I did not think to post this yesterday,

There is usually a membership tent set up outside our games, you could drop them off there. In the meantime you could PM Katie or Paul, they might be able to quickly send the membership numbers to someone in the office to get the contact numbers and let them know their cards are waiting for them in the tent.

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Maybe the owners purposely thew them away (not owning a microwave) after the loss to Adelaide and don’t want them back.

The membership department actually have my membership card…

The good news is, the owners of the cards have likely called the club. You can pick up your membership tickets from the Essendon Hub at games with your name & membership number, so they won’t miss the game - suggest giving the club a call to get the cards returned.

Thanks for the info.

Can you please get Josh Kelly to the Bombers next year?Thanks in advance.


Might be 40,000 cards in the gutters outside Etihad this arvo if the unthinkable happens

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And then the Saints and West Coast lose.

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Cause we’d be a big chance to beat Sydney in Sydney after losing to Freo!

If we lose to Freo I wouldn’t bother rocking up to the final in that case.
A finals bound team should and will but them to the sword today