Franga Friday 17/12/202!

I know you’re all hanging out for a Training Report.

Dig if you will the picture
Of Nick and Sam in a bit of a twist.


Sweaty bodies like Franga and Tex
Can you Blitzers, can you picture this?


Dream if you will a midfield
Stacked full of talent in bloom.
Stringers, Calders & the new bloke
They bring the heat, the heat that gets us top 2.


[insert chorus]

This is what it sounds like, when 17 other clubs cry…

I’ll start on the next verse after I get 400 likes.
If I don’t get 400 likes, I’ll move onto the next project -

Tonight you’re going to party like it’s PF 1999!


Prince pee wok

I did not party that night. I did a lot of sulking though…

BTW, the thread title is somewhat misleading. I thought this was going to be something else entirely…


While we wait for the report…so how’s everyone’s day been?

That was the report.

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I can’t believe I haven’t been burnt yet for copying a pic of Calders in GWS colours.

Hey Mods…I think a ban is in order for the originator of this thread for his disgusting use of a highly inappropriate picture in his OP.

A small amount of searching would have given him a range of more suitable options to use.

Off with his head I say.

Can someone please punch this stupid Ewok, for wasting our time.

28 likes is an aberration

Good to see Smith in the midst of it but disconcerting to see Merritt on the edge of the pack.

Nah, you got it wrong, good to see Merrett in the pack.

Wonder if jake has got his phone set to “vibrate”…

I feel like I’ve just finished a gruelling training session - hiked up to Marion’s lookout. Cradle mountain.




I hope the club doesn’t cover up this nit outbreak.
Some may say I’m a nit-picker but people have a lice-nce here to say what they want.


From training thread to stalking Insta. Such is the summer break.

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