Free Tickets to Bombers vs Aints

I am not well and Mrs Fox has decided that I cannot go to the footy.

We have really good seats in the Shane Warne stand, so if anyone wants them, give me a PM with a good reason no matter how outlandish and the most compelling get them delivered by pdf in an email. So give me your email as well.

I wont publish who gets them, but I will post the reason , perhaps.

Seats are


Bay N25 Row A Seat 15 & 16


I thought the Saints had got really desperate, for a moment.


Not really ‘free’… its got more of a dancing monkey to get them vibe.

Good stuff mate, I’m in QLD so I need some business class tickets thrown in.

Looking forward to seeing the winning submission.

My effort: “Because Fark Carlton!”

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I have enough QANTAS points to get you here, but not sure there is a seat, and while your effort is commendable, not a winner.


Level two wing and you can’t give 'em away. Wouldn’t read about it!

Credit for the generosity :ok_hand:

@thedon74 did you get tickets for your daughter?

Ill take em mate. Couple of mates were looking

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Argh. Didn’t see this till now. Too late

Better a Bomber supporter use them than they stay empty.

Get well soon!

Thanks, I had my flu shot on Thursday and it knocked me about. Just part of being old, and having a Wife and a Doctor pressure you to get needles.

OK today, except for last nights result.