Friday Quiz - Bad Descriptions of Movies

What it says on the tin.

The descriptions may describe the whole movie, or part of the movie, or even just the basic premise. There is one correct answer for each one. I don’t give a sht if you think your dumb answer fits. I also don’t care if you think the correct answer isn’t a good match for the question, the title says “bad descriptions” not “adequate descriptions”.

Max 5 correct answers per person. Give others a go you nerds.

Let’s do it.

  1. Former police officer escorts a group of women to their destination. (MAX MAX: FURY ROAD - Sameolds2010)

  2. A European entrepreneur and an off-duty police officer trade wisecracks at a corporate function. (DIE HARD - wimmera1)

  3. Man orchestrates an elaborate display to commemorate his late wife. (UP - RockyIV)

  4. Man interviews former employees regarding their retirement. (BLADE RUNNER - bomber001)

  5. Several soldiers and officers are fulfilling their job properly. They comply with regulations, perform security checks and carry out orders. (DR STRANGELOVE: OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB - bomber001)

  6. University faculty member continually loses luggage. (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - Benny40)

  7. A grandfather reads a book to his ill grandson. (THE PRINCESS BRIDE - hambo)

  8. Two sisters express concerns over their father’s new passion for collecting gemstones. (AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - Chris_1993)

  9. An office worker joins a cult whose aim is to destablise the government. (THE MATRIX - Sameolds2010)

  10. Man adjusts to life with prosthetics after a workplace injury. (ROBOCOP - CaesarCod)

  11. Former finance professional becomes a freelance bookkeeper to fund a move abroad. (THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION - davethedon)

  12. Drama ensues on a flight when the pilot falls ill. (AIRPLANE! - chillyb)

  13. A woman working in a south east Asian country has problems with its authoritarian regime. (THE KING AND I - bomber001)

  14. Safety issues are discovered during a factory tour. (WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Benny40)

  15. End user has to provide his own tech support. Discovers that the root cause of problems are operating system bugs and not malware. (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY - bomber001)

  16. Soldiers on a mission clash with local law enforcement. (MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL - Shelton10)

  17. Representatives from a local volunteer organisation travel home from an industry conference. (THE WARRIORS - swooper)

  18. Community support group strays from it’s original purpose. (FIGHT CLUB - davethedon)

  19. Wealthy philanthropist takes a special interest in a mentally ill man. (THE DARK KNIGHT - JuzzyB)

  20. Silent-film era movie stars struggle to adapt to studio demands. (SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN - Noonan)

  21. Young man is radicalised by a religious extremist group. (STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE - scotty21)

  22. A traffic jam prompts a man to walk home instead. (FALLING DOWN - Noonan)

  23. A bullied teenager strikes up an unlikely friendship with an elderly neighbour. (THE KARATE KID - CaesarCod)

  24. A lawyer struggles to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend while working on a murder trial. (MY COUSIN VINNY - Kj_11)

  25. Watercraft bound for New York fails to arrive. (TITANIC - Stressed_out)

  26. An event is planned in a neighbouring town to circumvent local laws. (FOOTLOOSE - Koala)

  27. A family in a farming community struggles to survive while their father is gone longer than anticipated. (INTERSTELLAR - Benny40)

  28. Young man settles for an alternative career after failing in the pursuit of his dream job. (HAPPY GILMORE - westie)

  29. A drug addicted woman is encouraged to move back to her hometown by a childhood friend. (FORREST GUMP - xhavok)

  30. A paranoid businessman is wary of an illegal immigrant. (BATMAN VS SUPERMAN - xhavok)

  31. A potato farmer receives billions of dollars worth of government assistance. (THE MARTIAN - davethdon)

  32. A gender-fluid person loses custody of their children. (MRS DOUBTFIRE - Stressed_out)

  33. An alcoholic burns down his family home with the assistance of his boss. (SKYFALL - Benny40)

  34. A young man works to carry out his dead grandfather’s legacy. (STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS - CaesarCod)

  35. Immigrant adoptee is repatriated to country of birth, experiences culture shock and prejudice. (ELF - bomber001)

  36. Teenager inadvertently infiltrates and brings down oppressive local gang. (MEAN GIRLS - McGoved)

  37. A wealthy woman gets catfished. (ALADDIN - wimmera1)

  38. Startup business experiences issues during testing phase. (JURASSIC PARK - scotty21)

  39. A garbage collector takes up gardening to bond with a new neighbour. (WALL-E - davethedon)

  40. Group of hikers with self-esteem issues meet a con man. (THE WIZARD OF OZ - Noonan)

  41. A man would rather see his home town destroyed than let his estranged sister live there. (THOR: RAGNAROK - wimmera1)

  42. A committee spends an entire afternoon trying to agree on some facts. (12 ANGRY MEN - chillyb)

  43. Young woman hijacks her sister’s opportunity to be cast in a television show. (THE HUNGER GAMES - xhavok)

  44. Teacher enlists the help of a student to get a house inherited by a relative. (MATILDA - Koala)

  45. A teenager flirts with an amateur filmmaker while her parents marriage collapses. (AMERICAN BEAUTY - Koala)

  46. Reality TV star wants to go on a holiday. (THE TRUMAN SHOW - chillyb)

  47. A patient helps a psychologist reconnect with his wife. (THE SIXTH SENSE - bomber001)

  48. A man tries to retrieve a valued possession of his mother’s that he believes was stolen by a man she was having an affair with prior to her death. (GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL - simmo41)

  49. Two factory workers attempt to cover up a serious violation they committed. (MONSTERS INC - davethedon)

  50. While collecting a delivery for their boss two men discuss, among other things, retirement. (PULP FICTION - wimmera1)

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  1. Die Hard

50 Pulp Fiction

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  1. Titanic
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  1. Mrs Doubtfire
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  1. Star Wars Ep 7
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7 Princess Bride

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Some of these are really good.
I won’t hog it, though.

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  1. Karate Kid
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BANG! I was certain someone would guess Back to the Future

I was actually thinking Apt Pupil.
Far creepier description.

  1. Falling Down
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  1. Robocop

Possibly :smile:

  1. The Princess Bride

  2. Flying High/Airplane

  3. 12 Angry Men

  4. The Truman Show

  5. Orgazmo…

  1. Flying High :grinning:



beaten to it

Careful with the numbering system. Once you put 7. as the first one, next one shows as 8. despite you putting in 12.

26 Footloose
44 Matilda
45 American Beauty