Frozen but not forgotten

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This is one of those rare stories that‘s both creepy and heartbreaking at the same time. Tian Xueming lost both his children in just on decade, and decided to store his son‘s remains in an ice chest inside the house for six years, so he could see and talk to him whenever the massive loss became to hard to cope with.

60-year old Tian Xueming, a carpenter from Huangling Village, China‘s Chongqing province, got married in 1979, and took his wife to live in a modest home made of mud. At the time they were living with six other relatives, so to provide better living conditions for his family, Tian went to work in the city. Thanks to his carpentry skills and impeccable work ethic, the Tians‘ lifestyle gradually improved. In 1982 they had a daughter, and in 1987, his wife Yang Hongying gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. In order to spend more time with his family, Tian decided to quit his job and return to his native village as a stay-at-home dad. He managed to build a three-storey house for his family, the most luxurious in all of Huangling, and he describes those days as the happiest of his entire life. Only the new-found happiness didn‘t last long…


He knows both his relatives and his neighbors mean well when they press him to bury Qinyuan‘s body, but he just cannot bring himself to do it. â€I know I was wrong. My decision has had a bad influence on my neighbors‘ lives as well, but I have lost both of my children! No one could ever understand my suffering,” Tian Xueming said as he gazed at the freezer in the corner of his house. â€Anyway, I can see my son whenever I miss him.”


Link Here with pic of the freezer


I guess this was literally a cold case.

I don't find it creepy, just a very sad story.


Tian Xuering will let go of his son when he is ready, seems he is just not ready yet.