Fundamentals in the modern game

This is my opinion of what is the most important factors in the game today.
This is what i would ensure the team is shaped around moving forward.
I am available if the club needs me to help manage the collaboration of these items.

  1. 22 footballers who can play each week.
    These days, 1 player, 1 weakness in the chain can affect results so strongly. Its imperative that a list be strong and deep enough. This is the hardest item.

  2. Core abilities
    a) Sticking tackles
    b) Standing up in tackles
    c) Direction changes in close

  3. Immediate possession decisions
    a) Taking the ball in a high position (this is - when taking possession in traffic, holding the ball eye level with both hands. If you are tackled, its either around the waist giving you time to dispose of the ball or if its above the arm, it will most often slide up and be a free kick. The utilisation of this basic biometric position is fundamental to gaining that 10% extra time and extra chance to be able to make decision which leads to point b)…
    b) Patience - using the above technique, players buy time. the last resort should always be a hasty kick. holding the ball up high and planting feel or moving feet as quick as possible give you options. This is football at its most scientifical nature.
    c) Block

  4. Pace & endurance

I could write details about each point but unless the club wants to hire me, im not going to. they should though.

I don’t think anyone has ever thought of trying to recruit “22 footballers who can play each week”.

You sir, are a farking genius.

i thought to myself, the first person who chops up what i say, particularly the first point on its own, proves themselves to be a self centered fool unable to take in the full weight of what i am saying and the implications that is has for a direction as a club.

i thought you were better than that. i honestly did. but thanks.

Hey, I do appreciate your posts normally mate, I think you know that already, but this one wasn’t your best.

You’ve basically stated a bunch of fundamentals about football that an under 15’s coach or player would already know, yet for some reason you’re trying to make out like you’re Moses heading down the mountain with the Ten Commandments.

If I’ve missed something, please try and explain it in the few minutes before this thread gets gurged.

if they were fundamentals that we were encouraging, we wouldnt be seeing the football that we are.

its as simple as that imo.

we are NOT encouraging these behaviours. i do not see players with patience and intent when they have the ball.
do what you want mate.

Good team do the simple things really well. We make the simple things look hard.

Cant really disgree with anything you posted mink.

Things like sticking tackles, even a lot of our senior guys get their tackles broken too easily