Gabba 1st Timer

Big question is it full strength beer
Or get tanked at the Pineapple

You’re in Brisbane, I wouldn’t be drinking any of their beer.


I have choices
4xxx or Furphy

I mean…bourbon is a thing that exists.


Straight to spirits

But no to Bundy


That’s not much of a choice…

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We’re here at the Races
Still a bit early for Spirits
No choices with beer all bad
New question full strength spirits at the Gabba

Drink Furphy… not that XXXX sh*t

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I mean, they’re both terrible but Furphy less so.

XXXX you might as well just ■■■■ in a cup and drink that.

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There’s no choice there… :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Just don’t barrack too hard. The bloke in front wearing chinos, chambray shirt, who brings his own food and is reading a book will wonder what all the fuss is about.

I’m also attending … glad you asked … getting tanked before hand then turning up… #justincase

Surely there’s bourbons … but can’t take the chance… they’re a bit different here.


And when you’re done you can blow it up and use it as a makeshift footy. Or a pillow.

Years ago it was always the German club across the road?

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Every wog knows there’s only one use for an old goon sack and that’s hanging out in a fruit tree to scare off birds

Love the Pineapple. I’d stay there all day, then rock on down the Gabba a half hour before. They will have full strength there at the ground.

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I used to take a hip flask into the footy until they started to do the metal detection scanning which I didn’t know about at the time so had to drop the hip flask as I was about to get scanned. I never saw it again🤦😆

Last I went there were decent beer options at few small bars. Can’t remember what exactly, but larger ‘craft’ brewers.