Game Day v other sash, round 23 2022

So, are we all prepared for Ham to be named as Sub? :roll_eyes: :unamused: :disappointed:

So we can farewell him too?


I look forward to not being hungry every time i read Ham sub.

Hurry up Tigers and put us out of our misery. Bombers by 1 point.

I reckon we are going in too tall . Need menzie and Hobbs in .

Do you reckon our “Richmond issues” have anything to do with consistently playing them at night?

In our 12 consecutive losses to them, only 1 of them has been a day game (2016 when we had our top up team, and we actually got quite close that day).

We consistently play them in late May (Dreamtime) and mid to late August. Always either wet and/or ridiculously dewy. Conditions that Richmond, under Hardwick, absolutely thrive in. And always at the MCG.

I’m not saying there would have been a dramatic form reversal as they’ve been a damn good team for a majority of their winning streak… but I think it could be a factor in that losing streak for us.

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Are you saying we are not only soft; but, afraid of the dark, as well :person_facepalming:


Well could be an interesting debate but wasn’t really saying that.

More about how night conditions in Melbourne at the times of year we play them (usually wet/windy/dewy) suit them a lot more than us who prefer conditions under the roof.

No surprises either that in our two best MCG performances this year we had bright sunshine and dry day conditions against Sydney & Collingwood (Jamie Elliot game).

Yeah they’ve been a hell of a lot better than us (in general) for a majority of that winning streak but this surely is an added obstacle?

■■■■ off you stupid season


I’m looking forward to it being over more than I am watching it


Dimmas talking to Mahoney. It’s on boys

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so how are these clowns going to embarrass themselves tonight?


Got that mate, just having a bit of fun before the end of a horrible season.

Still fuming at the club but am on my way in to farewell The Bear.

Hopefully we get up (but don’t leapfrog the Crows in the process). Or, more realistically, hope we don’t get reamed.


Let’s get it. Dons for the win, let’s see what Rutten and this squad can do in their last game.

Imagine if we were playing Richmond on a Saturday night deciding if we were making Top 4. This pre game thread probably would have already hit a few hundred posts.

Thats what Collingwood supporters are pretty much going to experience tomorrow.

Instead we get another dead rubber which will most likely be another flogging, which the club is just hoping fans come to see Hurley for the last time.

Such fun supporting this club.


This could be Essington vs St.Kilda 2008 levels of bad (108 point loss) if we’re not careful.

Club is in a shambles and the players have checked out long ago.

Good luck… hopefully Hurley kicks a goal or something to those few going tonight.

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“Gee only a couple of years to the 20 year reunion for 2004”
“Yeah it sure was a great day both for us and Port Adelaide”
“No, I mean for Essendon winning a final”

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It’s strange that we haven’t sacked Rutten yet to get the typical “sacked coach dead cat bounce” and MAYBE finally break the streak against Richmong.

Instead we get tonight’s execution then Rutten sacked tomorrow/monday.