Game late night thread - 2022 round 15 vs WCE - over there

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Carn bombers

Let smash these drug addicts

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So far one-third of posts are meta, one third positive, and one third anger*.

*And the umps aren’t out there yet!

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What a joke

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Mini final.


We are not cheering for Essendon to lose.
Want to see them play competitive football.
Kids to get as much game time as possible.
A win would be great.

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“I know we haven’t won many games but the boys have been really upbeat”

Well us supporters should all just relax and sing kumbaya together because the boys have been upbeat


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Going to be hard to get a home final if we lose this.

Let’s Get Loud, Let’s Get Loud
Turn the music up, let’s do it
C’mon people Let’s Get Loud
Let’s Get Loud
Turn the music up to hear that sound
Let’s get loud, Let’s Get Loud
Ain’t nobody gotta tell ya
What you gotta do


Seriously is that the new Eagles theme song remake??

Fkn atrocious

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Hows the crowd ?

Fairly sure Essendon request a game in Perth every year, don’t they?

Rather empty stadium…

(yes, I know it’s only 6:30 there)

I think Id depart the stadium immediately if my team ran out to that garbage

Brad Johnson “this is it. This is the night the Eagles forward line needs to score well”.

■■■■ off. Didn’t hear you saying that when the Doggies were playing them.