Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


Well, I liked it. Plenty of people whining online but I thought this season has been great.
Sad that it’s all over now, hopefully the next book can come out soon.


I’m whining around the house.


I enjoyed it too. Feel a sense of loss now that it’s over.


Ep 6 was a little bland but it did it’s job to close off the show.

Ep 5 was the best of the series.


Ten minutes in…and a frigging door-to-door turns up.

No…I’m not interested now ■■■■ off, I’m watching GOT.

Now about 45 minutes in.


Quite an MOTR ending for GOT. Will inflame everybody who wanted it to be a real free-for-all.

Nice little comment by Bronn towards the end. I’m sure everyone will recognise why I liked it.


Agreed. You could put the music over that ending seamlessly


Big GOT doco on next Monday. Should be worth watching.


That was good. What a show. What an all time cast. What an amazingly epic way to tell the story.

It will be missed.


I thought it was crap - and it left me not wanting anymore.


GOT surprised again by finishing with the lamest episode of the series. I was considering rewatching one day, but now l know how lame it all ends l don’t see the point.


So you all finally came to the correct consultation that this show is lameballs? About 8 years too late!?


You guys are all wet blankets! The series was fantastic - years of brilliant production and acting! It had to be tied together some how to end it - yes, it could have taken another few episodes with a few more twists here and there, but overall I loved it. The final scenes of Jon with Ghost were beautiful.
Do you think Arya’s Adventures will be a spin off?? :blush:


The series was great. The last 40 minutes were very ordinary.


I thought it was a good ending.

Anything like the Red Wedding or Battle of the Bastards would have been over the top.


It was all too rushed and it showed.

The first part up to the dragon flying off with Dany was great and then it was like an entirely different set of writers took over the last half of the show.

And the sudden introduction of comedy was in stark contrast to the entire series - the bumbling uncle was just too much.

They really needed two seasons - one to deal with the Night King, the last to deal with the end players.



Though I enjoyed this season, think I posted after the first episode it felt rushed and it continued to feel rushed through most of the episodes.

Dany’s death felt very rushed.

Loved some of the scenes

Dany walking out to speak to the troops with the dragon wings behind her. Drogon getting up out of the ashes and Drogon flying off with Dany.


Thanks Lord Blitz of Grammar


Think I have posted it here before, but one of the issues everything felt rushed was because we were down to 1 or 2 at best storylines for the last season. This meant they couldn’t switch to other storylines to slow down the storytelling as they had in previously seasons. Maybe the only way they could have done that was by running the last season over more episodes. Also I think the producers were done and just wanted to end it which probably shows.


That ending was similar to being excited about Essendon for 2019, and then watching the GWS game in Round 1.