Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


We’ll still get to hear about all those tossers who’ve never seen a single episode.

And you comment that they’re happy to tell you about Married at First Sight and its “reality TV” confrères.


There’s a guy that has plot leaked on reddit.
Across the 5 episodes so far he’s only been incorrect on one detail out of about 50.
Ending is . . . Interesting


Keep it to yourself, please. :slightly_frowning_face:


Agree with above comment - please don’t say any more.
Kit Harrington said he was satisfied with the ending. Guess however it ends some will be happy & others not.


Guess they would of filmed multiple scenarios as well.


Good thing I don’t read Reddit then isn’t it.


Pre-airing spoilers will get you banned.


Pretty much all shows do this now.


Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time


I only know about it cos I was watching an episode 5 review on the YouTubes and the vlogger brought up how all the previous leaked plot points had been accurate and how he thought the ending sucked.


Shut up



Right, I’m out of this thread until next week. Inadvertant spoilers would be like getting hit in the nuts with a flaming cactus covered in anthrax.


Me too - see you all when it’s over :tired_face:
(The behind the scenes HBO show for this episode is worth a look!)


Please don’t hurt me.


I know these aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think they’re hilarious.


Here’s a spoiler, Jaimie is still alive


This story first appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission


Is it over yet?


It’s all over. Won’t give any spoilers until people have had a chance to watch.

But what am I going to do with my Mondays now???