Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


Yep, the reaction to Dany’s death was non-existent - bit of a fail there. I took it already that the dragon was more intelligent than the average lizard, but still…


Alhough l haven’t seen any of season 8, l am disappointed to hear that Cersei didn’t receive a more grisly ending, in keeping with the way she lived. She deserved a far worse send off.


Avatar did the whole “Mad Queen intent on incinerating everyone who stands in her way” thing much much better.


I enjoyed it. Wrapped up the storylines and gave us some good closure on the most-loved characters. Good work, Sir Podrick!

But why was there anyone still at Castle Black? I mean, I get the wildlings hanging around before heading north of the wall, but what is the wall even for anymore? And the Watch? The Night King is gone, the wildlings are friends now, and there’s a honking big hole in the wall anyway. If you were one of the very few of the Watch that survived the battle of Winterfell, would you then head back to the wall after that? It’s not exactly the happiest place in Westeros after all.

Anywho, props to Peter Dinklage, great to see Ghost again, and I loved the visual scene of Drogon emerging from the mound of ash.


There was a pretty massive reaction from Drogon.
It made sense to me why Jon survived.


I think you miss the point of him going back to Castle Black. He was sent there by his sisters essentially so that he could go back to the land he learned to love and the Unsullied and Dothraki would accept that because they really wouldn’t know any better.


Dany’s men are slaughtering people in the streets who followed Cersei but knelt. No mercy.

Jon literally fkn stabs her and they take him prisoner?

Bran flying around the stairs of the Red Keep in his little wheelchair with wings.

Only decent thing to happen was Sansa.


I thought there was too many happy endings to fan favourite characters for my liking.


Nah, I got Jon’s storyline, but there were still Night’s Watch dudes there. What’s the point of them now?


I agree. To me, Drogon knew why Jon was there, he could “smell” his intent. But dragons are not just “dumb beasts” and he knew why Dany had to die. That is why he melted the throne, because he knew that her ambition to sit on it was what cost her her life. He also “knew” what it cost Jon to kill her which is why he didn’t toast him.


Because there was good land there for essentially disenfranchised settlers and food at the castle until winter ended.


Fair enough. But personally, I’d be heading South pretty quickly.


Considering how they ended Bran’s story, I’m more disappointed by how they failed to utilise him properly over the last few seasons


Enjoyed that ending. Thought John would do the deed and glad they didn’t just do something stupid to end Drogon. All in all it felt right.


IMO you’re overstating the intelligence of the dragons in the GoT world.
Drogon is no Smaug.


More emotional intelligence rather than human type intelligence like Smaug.


I think last week broke me, so I don’t really feel much about it.

I’m not sure where it will sit for me in the realms of ‘greatest show ever,’ but it’s probably the most I’ve ever been emotionally invested in a show.

Sad it’s over, but not sure I’ll miss it.

One tiny nitpick I will say… I reckon there were more Dothraki at the end, than there were before 95% of them were killed by Zombies.


Oh, and I kinda wanted Jon to beat the fark out of Grey Worm by the end.


I know books and tv diverged somewhat, but there’s accompanying literature that paints the dragons intelligence more on par with a high level show horse/dog and tbh I’m not sure that’d put them at a high enough IQ (emotional or otherwise) to understand the significance of the iron throne.
Only caveat would be a Daenerys specific thing like the whole fire proof scenario.


I honestly believe I could have come up with a better ending. GOT has always been about the big battles and surprises. Last episode had neither. Very dissatisfied.