Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


Ghost should have told Jon to fark off.


Disagree with it being about battles.
We got 1-2 a season which is what we had in Season 8.
If anything it was more about political manoeuvring etc in which case feeling let down by that would be justified.


Don’t forget the psychic bond between Dany and Drogon. Intelligent enough to come when Dany was in danger.


I prefer to think that Dany’s cheat code for instant army regeneration died with her so they instantly turned to dust. I mean per the show maybe 10-20 survived being slaughtered by the White Walkers for a “cool visual”, so the amount they showed before her speech was utterly ridiculous, and that isn’t even starting on the castrating of plebs they must’ve been doing on the way to Kings Landing to quadruple the size of the Unsullied between the end of the Night King battle and that scene.

Realistically, unlike the Unsullied, they hadn’t bothered establishing even a background actor as army leader that could stand silently with Greyworm to represent them. The Dothraki that had their faces on screen were likely skilled extras, but from a production standpoint you don’t want to risk retakes because your sole extra in a scene isn’t reacting in the manner you want.


Bah, I’m going to say it… very disappointing final episode. As pointed out, how the heck did Dany end up with such a large army after what was portrayed in the Battle of Winterfell??? Another illogical jump for theatrical reasons.

It was obvious that Jon would turn against Dany but I felt it would have been more in line with GRR Martin’s writing for another civil war to erupt between Targaryeans (Jon and Dany) with Bran being the key to defeating Drogon.

I was disappointed with the silliness of having a king elected by committee, no way that is realistic in Westeros.

And the worst was there being no consequence to Jon killing her. Again, no way that is realistic given the way we’ve seen the Unsullied and Dorthraki portrayed.

Given how the story turned out though, the Small Council scene was funny and nicely done.

Well, the epic show is finally over. One of the best shows of all time, although quality dipped in the last 2 seasons. It really set the standard for high quality production and having noted Hollywood actors turning to the small screen. A real game changer.


There’s a few things that have obviously been mentioned that will stick with me as very unsatisfying.

  1. That Greyworm/Dothraki could negotiate on the death of Dany
  2. That the bizarre council meeting could toss around the iron throne like it was a burden and not pure power
  3. That the north was welcomed to seperate again

Compromise and consensus we’re not usually the GOT way


Sansa refusing the rule of the seven with a Stark on the throne is the weirdest piece of writing I’ve ever seen

The idea that Jon Snow would be forever exiled to appease an army of blokes with no knobs despite being the rightful heir and also the brother of the king is the second weirdest piece

Other than that it was good

Jon snow fulfills the azor Ahai prophecy but the flaming sword ends up being the throne of his ancestors rather than the one in his hand. He ends the tyrannic rule of his incest ridden bloodline.


The main thing that annoyed me was when Brienne finished writing all all of Jaime’s achievements in that book and while the ink was still wet, she promptly closed it. Nooooo!!

(The page on Jaime was also on the opposite side to what they showed years ago when Joffrey was looking through that book.)

That, and the lack of going apesh!t by the Unsullied and Dothraki when Dany was killed. Not usually known to be thoughtful and measured.

But all in all, I enjoyed it.


He’s actually the cousin of the king.


They had an actor playing the leader of the Dothraki, which they didn’t introduce or develop, and then they killed him off in the Battle of Winterfell leading that kamikaze charge.


You mean the fast forward an unspecified amount of time, completely glossing over Dany’s death. Yeah that was weird.


What ever happened to the other brother that was with Bran?


Oh wait, he died, I remember now.


He died as he lived.


He didn’t run serpentine


I like to think that they stayed in Westeros to rape, loot and pillage, particularly since there would have been virtually no armed forces to oppose them.


The reaction by the assembled nobles to Sam Tarly’s idea of a democratic process to decide a new king was the highlight of the final episode.


A pretty lame joke, though.


Poor Dany. Her USA style foreign policy vision (destroy in order to save!!) came to nought.

One can envisage Westeros splintering into multiple warring factions dominated by local war lords. Dorne and the Iron Islands would declare their independence quickly.


Yeah, that kinda bugged me. Jon should just rock up again in a year or so and no one tell the eunuchs.