Game/Review Thread: NAB3: ESS v MELB

Petrenko, Z.Merrett and O’Brien have dropped out of the final team.

McKernan and Marigliani to start as subs

Langford is even better than previous weeks hype has suggested.

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I know it's only preseason, fark me its a melbourne wank fest

Don’t you just love the innovative way they use the corridor to get the ball to the forwards quicker.

Must be some new innovation in footy…something no one has ever thought of

LAVERDE lid off


Anyone with a spare link please PM me.

Zerrett, WTF

Wonder why Zerrett got dropped?

Injury or rest?

6 goal loss

Just loaded up on Essendon by over 40 points! - Dissapointed about Zerrett.

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6 goal loss

Will take that

So unpredictable.

Zerrett get bashed a bit last week maybe? Took some knocks.

Or just resting him as they think he has done enough?


Apparently Essendon aren’t at full strength, and have top up players.

Talk about it more.

According to the commentary every single player on our team is a wildcard.

Has the game started yet?

Melbourne made a banner for nab cup

Mark Ricciutos voice is horrendously annoying.

ANy stream?