Gameday vs Bin Chooks

Ok fine I’ll start it.

■■■■ off Rampe you cheating ■■■■.


Roos is commentating, severe bias coming up.


Suck a peen Rampeen.

Reliable stream sites pls?

They are showing all the close finishes, you know, the ones where Sydney cheated and the umps turned a blind eye.


Just pay for Kayo and you get all the AFL, replays and pretty much any sport, even the hotdog world championship that was showing yesterday.

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I’m going to try one of those roast beef rolls, guy in front of me has one

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I’m going to try a hot babe, the guy in front has one


Some pelican infront of me is trying to save an entire row of seats. I’d promptly tell them to ■■■■ off

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Please nobody take a backwards step when they try and rough us up

Heppell OUT


No Heppell? It’s begun!!!

I found Kayo unreliable. On both wireless and 4G connections.

I certainly wouldn’t be messing with you today given 2MP is a late withdrawal.

i already pay for the AFL app streaming. not really in my budget to pay for another streaming service but unfortunately the fkn AFL app cant be streamed to a TV so here i am :frowning:

Never had a problem, works really well for me.

I really like Sarah Jones. She is excellent as the Match Day host on Fox Footy.

Well ladies and gentlemen it looks as if Rampe will take the field. No sign of randy activity against the goalpost at this stage. Looks as if the Alan Turing surplus anti-libido drugs have been working. Swans will be looking forward to a cracking game from Rampe; but the double entendre could come back to bite them. Heppell out means the enigmatic Kyle L gets another go; looks like Hooker has been given the job of giving him a kick in the head to get the neurons working…

Wait what?