Gather Round 2023 Non Essendon Games

Adelaide vs ■■■■ Carlton
Freo vs Gold Coast
Richmond vs Chickens
Brisbane vs North
Port vs Footscray
Geelong vs West Coast
GWS vs Hawthorn
Klan vs St Kilda

I tipped Adelaide based on gut feel. ■■■■ Carlton.


Surely FC are due a loss.


Geelong vs West Coast is going to be a murder.

Records could get broken

7 of the 9 are sold out apparently, which 2 are not ? :man_shrugging:

Probably the Sunday double header.

Not at a small local ground
No SA teams involved

I was thinking the cats eagles and tigers swans.
Surely pies saints is a sell out. There’s plenty of KKK fans around the country and the saints are flying.
Or are the double headers two games for the price of one??

They just announced yesterday that the Sunday double header was sold out.
1 is the Tigers game.
Unsure on the other

Prob dockers suns

Both Friday games.
Swans v Richmond at AO only about 30k sold I believe and from what I understand from the club there is still some availability for Freo v GC at Norwood

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Cue; Oh Richo won’t like that.


Now you’re getting it CJ :stuck_out_tongue:


It wouldn’t surprise me if the Crows get up, they are playing well and at home. The Blooos weren’t all that convincing against Norf, who lacked any tall defenders. Blooos also got an arm chair ride from the chumps which they can’t expect to get again in Adelaide.

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I’m far from convinced with Adelaide. A thumping of FARK CARLTON would tip those scales, though.

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I am far from convinced on the bona fides of any team after only 4 rounds. We need another 4 rounds before we can really see how the season and teams are truly shaping up in 2023.

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Plenty of Fark Carlton fans in SA and a heap more have rocked up in the last 24hrs

Half the Carlton team used to be from SA in the 90’s!

Tonight’s game is the one I’m looking forward to most of the non-EFC matches. The Crows have a seriously powerful front half. Great mix of small and tall goalkickers. FC have most of their eggs in the McKay/Curnow basket.

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FC are an injury away to either of them to falling apart and going to ■■■■.