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I’ve had a look at seems not.

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I can yell enough for 5 people on a good day.


Essendon support vs Melb last year was pretty good. I flew over and it was a great event.

The double header idea fell a little flat because even though it was a sell out, lots of port fans didnt turn up until the second match and Demons fans fled to a barrage of Bombers taunting.

So it was never really full.

Yeah I had a great time last year. One of the highlights of the season

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Winning helps

Doesn’t sound like we’ll have many there. I know a few dozen people from rural Vic are driving across.

We’re going to have to be good with a normal hostile crowd against us.

The EFC photograph indicates our fans will dominate the city end, and the rest of the ground will be empty.

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Qld, WA & NSW all had their opportunity & declined.
Let SA have it…well until it loses flavour.

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lol as if north lions isn’t on fta

When did they decline, the afl didn’t give them the opportunity. It was meant to be nsw, malinaskus turned the afl’s head and they extended for 3 years. Which is a mistake to not test it elsewhere, the concept would work well pretty much anywhere and be great for promoting the game if shared around. It’s the lazy and easy option to leave it in Adelaide.

Gather Round can fark off and die what a stupid concept run by clowns at AFL HQ

But Barossa Games!!! The Barossa!!!

The comms teams and media specialists want a free wine junket!

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In November 2022, the inaugural round was awarded to South Australia, which beat a bid from New South Wales.
SA reportedly paid about $15 million to host the first instalment of Gather Round last year.

I have no idea why SA have it for 3 more years.

Nuh it was thought better to put it in a footy heartland for the first one to ensure it was a success, which was the right decision.

But somehow since, s.a have convinced everybody that it’s their invention, which is bullshit. It would be a massive success in practically any city in Australia, footy fans love the opportunity for all teams supporters to be in one place at the one time and early in the season they will go anywhere for it in large numbers Perth, Sydney, Brisbane.

I agree with others, the media and afl like it coz it’s easy for them, but when you’re running a competition that is meant to do what’s best for the game, going to different cities is clearly that. The concept is the best promotion tool in the AFL’s kit bag and Adelaide is already rusted on even more so than Perth. I actually think Perth would be even better with Optus stadium and the newly renovated waca right across the road, would love to see it there. Perth get behind sports events too, remember when they sold out dreamtime during covid.

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Did you guys know there is a Sat Arvo game on today and it is not in Melbourne? What will SWSNBN think, she must be devastated.

Why must the AFL always tinker with the fixture leave it the fark alone

Fixture, rules, Tribunal, playing god, train has left the station unfortunately

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If it aint broke why try to fix it

Got to justify salaries mate, so even if a well oiled machine, always going to tinker

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