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How can Essendon learn from Carlton’s last 12 months as a total club to ensure the focus on the EFCW program is ‘laser like’? Carlton draws parallels to Essendon being 12 months advanced of their men’s upheaval.

Now I’m sure everyone will say “yes we’re extremely focussed….”. However, are they still REALLY focussed?

Or is Mahoney time been diverted away? Is Cloke spending too much time with the men and is planning subsequently being compromised.

Nobody will know for 9 months. Then we will see if Essendon has learned a lesson here.

Watch this space!

Carlton have also booted their GM of Women’s Footy


Cloke ≠ Wood — but you could swap the names without affecting your point.

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Agree. The risk for me is everyone at Essendon was so focussed on making a successful launch year. However, understandably, we were still miles off the top teams and the risk is everyone saw year 1 as a ‘great’ success and complacency sets in. As I said above, everyone everywhere will say this won’t occur however in the end it’s something that is real and potentially likely.

Ruthlessly speaking, we are nowhere near the top teams which is understandable. With so much of Mahoney time devoted to the men’s program, it’s highly probable the women’s program will not be seen as priority number 1. And if Essendon is to succeed with its women’s team it needs to be equal priority 1. Because that’s where the successful clubs currently operate it as.

As Grant Thomas says, are they in ‘the AFL business or the premiership business’? It’s a subtle yet critical difference that talks to overall attitude and culture which drives the whole thing.

Will be an interesting watch. I have insufficient info to know for sure other than to say “mind the gap”!

The question was whether they could form a representative side.

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The AFL are cracking down on the only way for NSW and QLD to attract players? Weird.

They’ve gifted Norf a whole state, though.

THE UPCOMING AFLW Draft will be the first time prospective players can choose to nominate for a national pool or their home state.

In previous years, players have been restricted to nominating solely for a state of their choosing, given the part-time nature of the competition and to protect players from having to move away from their jobs or study.

Crucially, the move to “home state only” (as opposed to any state of their choosing) closes the loophole that saw successive No.1 picks in Charlie Rowbottom and Montana Ham move from Victoria and nominate Queensland and New South Wales respectively.

Tasmanian players have the option of nominating North Melbourne (given the club’s alliance with the state), any state of their choosing, or the national pool.

Players who are based in the Northern Territory have the option of nominating for a specific state of their choice, or the national pool.

The upcoming draft will be for mature-age players only (those born in 2004 or earlier), after the majority of top-line 2004-born talent was already selected in the bonus draft before the second AFLW season for the year.

It is yet to be confirmed if the same rule (opting to choose national or state) will be in place for the following draft ahead of the 2024 season, upon which the draft will reopen to 18-year-old prospects.

Clubs had previously been able to sign interstate potential draftees only if they had been overlooked in their nominated state and were happy to make the move (e.g. Melbourne signing West Australian Sabreena Duffy last year).

It’s the first step towards a fully national draft, seen as a vital tool in equalisation and crucial in helping states that don’t necessarily have the depth of talent of others.

Clubs do not have to make a minimum number of list changes ahead of the draft, as in years past (previously a minimum of three).

Delisted free agency will still be in play this trade period, despite the likely high percentage of former AFLW players receiving second chances through the draft.

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Staunton made history as the first Irish recruit to join the competition and quickly became GWS’ focal point in attack. Kicking 54 goals in that time, Staunton was the third player in competition history to hit the 50-goal milestone and did so in the fewest games.

As one of the greatest athletes in Irish history, Staunton came to Australia with four All-Ireland and 11 All Star titles in her native sport of Gaelic football and brought that Irish flair to AFLW.

A severely broken leg in the AFL Sydney competition in late 2019 threatened her career, but ever the professional, Staunton worked her way back to be ready for round one of season 2020 and played every game since, becoming the oldest player to ever take to the field in AFLW history last season.

Full list of players (including those we delisted) who have nominated for the draft.

Non-paywall version…


317 players have nominated for the inaugural national draft pool, meaning 60 per cent of nominated players are willing to play in any state to live their AFLW dream.

Until this draft, players had to nominate a particular state, but can now choose either a state or national pool.

More revealing info, or weird crap/quality control?

Are there really two “Abbey Barber”s?

Why is AshleyCooper Essendon AFLW, but Sargent/Ryan/Fede Essendon VFLW? Borg is listed as Footscray VFLW.

Orritt is listed as Moonee Valley. Jayda Richardson as Yarra Old Grammarians. I can see a bunch of others from various VFLW squads hidden under the names of other clubs.

Cornish hasn’t bothered to hope. Neither has G.L.O.R.I.A. Or Grech. Heil no. No for NatMac or Meyers. No Strahan.

Everyone else on our VFLW list has nominated, with Mia-Rae taking the me-titled “oldies” draft very seriously.

Anyone got a “non-paywalled” version of this? (Re: AFLW Player Frustrations)

CBA still to be determined, but…

Clubs will begin their preparations for the 2023 NAB AFLW Season on May 29. Round One of the AFLW season will coincide with the AFL Finals bye week.

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Don’t nick and ruin any more players from us, Bin Chickens.

Collier ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament at training, while Bullas sustained a partial tear to her anterior crucial ligament in a WAFLW match for Swans Districts.

And NEEEEEEWWWW Australasian Junior Middleweight champion!

EDIT: maybe not new? Not sure.

Tayla Harris celebrates victory with partner Kodi Jacques. Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images.
Tayla Harris celebrates victory with partner Kodi Jacques. Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images.

and from Prespakis’ instagram:

SA U16 Girls win 2023 AFL National Championships

Game 1
Sunday April 23 at Arden Street, Melbourne
Victoria Metro v South Australia

South Australia 1.2 4.3 5.4 8.5 (53)
Victoria Metro 0.2 0.5 1.5 2.9 (21)

BEST – SA: Charlie Hazelhurst, Edwina Thornquest, Emma Charlton, Matilda Wilmore, Sophie Eaton, Lily Baxter
GOALS – SA: Matilda Wilmore, Taya Maxwell 2, Chloe Tonkin, Sophie Eaton, Zahlia Niemann, Sarcha Taylor

Sunday April 30
AFL National Championships – Game 2
Joondalup, Perth

SA 2.1 5.3 8.5 9.8 (62)
WA 2.1 3.2 4.2 5.3 (33)

BEST – SA: Sophie Eaton, Holly Tralaggan, Eloise Mackareth, Chloe Tonkin, Monique Bessen, Stephanie Tredwell
GOALS – SA: Eloise Mackareth 4, Stephanie Tredwell 2, Emma Charlton, Taya Maxwell, Zahlia Niemann

Sophie Eaton (Central District)

SA All-Australians
Eloise Mackereth (Glenelg) – Wing
Chloe Tonkin (West) – Ruck
Sophie Eaton (Central) – Rover
Charli Hazelhurst (Norwood) – Interchange
Stephanie Tredwell (West) – Interchange

SA U18 Girls defeat WA in Game 1

Sunday April 30
AFL U18 Girls National Championships – Game 1
Joondalup, Perth

SA 2.4 5.7 6.11 8.12 (60)
WA 0.1 1.1 2.1 4.1 (25)

BEST – SA: Shineah Goody, Jacinda Schunselaar, Brooke Boileau, Jemma Whitington-Charity, Holly Ifould, Lauren Young
GOALS – SA: Lauren Young 3, India Rasheed, Melissa Anderson, Zara Walsh, Ruby Ballard, Brooke Boileau

Title misspelled “Bomber”.