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And I made a real mess of it!

Yeah, you made us play all the top teams despite us strategically losing the final to stay out of the top six!

Get farked.

The hit was 100% deliberate, with one second to go in an 85-point win. There’s video at the link.

Hamilton and teammate Paige Sheppard were hit with a two-match AFLW ban in March for conduct unbecoming following an AFL Integrity Unit investigation after the pair were found guilty in a Sydney court of possession of an illicit substance.

Cleared to play in the VFLW in the interim, Hamilton was hit with a separate four-match suspension for rough conduct last month after accidentally catching Melbourne-listed Lily Johnson

With two games of that ban remaining when Sydney’s short stint in the VFLW competition ended on May 4, Hamilton faced the prospect of missing the first four games of the 11-game AFLW season – two from the Integrity Unit investigation and the remaining two from the rough conduct ban.

The AFL considered submissions from the Swans to allow Hamilton to serve her suspensions simultaneously at the start of the AFLW season, given the club played only a five-week limited stint in the VFLW rather than a full season.

The League has confirmed it has applied its discretion, meaning Hamilton will be available to play as soon as round three of the new AFLW season.

The incident was cited as forceful front-on contact, careless conduct, severe impact and high contact.

Fixture non-update

The AFL communication specialists on the AFL site “leaking” AFL rumours is so tiring. They already did the AFLW to have a salary cap “leak” earlier today.

All teams are expected to have a minimum of five home games across the 11-game season.

Booooooo… no team gets 4-7? Outrageous.

We’re finally gonna win a game near Port Essington!

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I did VFLW in wet season; AFLW at end of dry season?

I’ll take a punt and say Saturday, October 19 will be the date of the game.

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Please explain…

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First, to the above point, we’re back for another year!

Secondly, H-Sun article says fixture to drop by Friday.

Mentions Tigers will play two home games at Punt Road near the end of the season, and there will be a game at Frankston on a a Tuesday night during the school holidays.


Was also confirmed yesterday that the Hawks will play the Dees in a Thursday night game in Cairns (Oct 24) and in Round 1, Sydney will host Collingwood on a Friday night at North Sydney Oval.

Fixture due out Today.