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As if this bloke wasn’t enough of a legend to begin with…


@Shahid_Afridi posted this item in the climate change thread yesterday.

But this is an unspeakable natural disaster playing out in Libya now. 5300 confirmed dead … roughly 10,000 missing after huge rains caused two dams to break.

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About a quarter of Derna, a city of about 90,000, has “disappeared” - washed in to the sea after two dams collapsed. Engineers had previously issued warnings about the safety of those same dams.

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Warnings issued, but nothing done about safety measures taken. what will happen to those irresponsible for this disaster? Maybe something will be done this time around.

Libya is a mess, one half controlled by one group, the other half by another group, with constant fighting going on, very little infrastructure and a lack of money. Warnings would mean jack all in reality as not much could have probably been done. Also it was a storm and flooding that caused the dams to give way, not just the dams giving way.

Who could have predicted water would be in a dam?!?

Certainly not a few warlords.

At least the UN is present with the support of the UN Security Council. It can’t do rescue but UN coordinated humanitarian aid won’t be blocked, unlike in Syria.
However one piece of good news in Syria. Displaced children in one of the Syrian camps can now be educated, after 11 years of no schooling. Source UN Noon briefings.


Storm Daniel, the same storm flooding so much of Greek arable land, as well as parts of Turkey and Bulgaria.

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One of the worst they have had, such a wide area of destruction.

This is what climate scientists have been banging on about for decades. Poorer (or unstable, or otherwise dysfunctional) countries will bear the brunt of climate change impacts because they can’t provide the vast amounts of money and effort required to adapt or respond to disasters.

Libya simply doesn’t have the resources to urgently fix a failing dam in deluge conditions, or to evacuate an entire city’s population and support/rehome the displaced people for as long as it takes for the danger to subside or the city be rebuilt.

As usual, the ones least at fault will be the ones who suffer.


What? The woman that Trump paid off?


Funny thing that when Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was running the place, the people were well fed, educated, good health system and a robust growing economy.

The Yanks had him killed and it all went to crap.


Canada and India are heading to a diplomatic crisis after the Indian government assassinated a Canadian citizen inside Canada. The Indian spy chief has been kicked out of Canada today. Recent G20 meeting between Modi and Trudeau was extraordinarily tense.

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Perfect time for Australia to swoop in and steal all that sweet, sweet beaver fur trade.


I thought Brazil had killed off that trade.


It waxes and wanes.


Just what the world needs…another war.
Kosovo - Serbia

Frenchman from Lille wins gold in the world hot chips championship held in Arras on 7 October.
Silver and bronze to Japan.